In Memoriam

Dr. Odont. - Dr. Med.

Jens - Henning Baunøe

Born 31-5-1917

Died 21-9-1998

Jens-Henning Baunoe, died unexpectedly after a brief illness, on September 21st, 1998, at the age of 81. He was a student from 'Efterslaegten' 1935. He was one of the few, admitted directly to the School Of Odontology in Trommesalen, Copenhagen, because of the very high level of his graduation. He became a dentist in 1938, at the age of 21, and was both then, and the following year, the youngest dentist in Denmark.

Jens-Henning was assistent to practising dentists in Slagelse and Copenhagen, both prior to, and during his medical studies, which he soon began, and finished in 1951. Simultaneously he was educational assistant at the School Of Odontology in various periods, among others, at the Surgical Department.

In May 1952 Jens-Henning opened his own dentalclinic on Godthaabsvej, and he maintained this till his death. From 1953, he was was the leader of the Dental Clinic of the Military Hospital, from 1961-1966, the leader of the Dental Clinic of Sct. Hans Hospital, and in 1966, he became the leader of the Dental Clinic of Statshospitalet in Glostrup.

In 1952 he, with Joergen Rud, was co-founder of the Dentalsurgical Association, and in 1954, Jens-Henning, J.J. Pindborg and Boerge Ingerslev, founded the Association of Hospitaldentists, where he was in the board of directory for a number of years. Jens-Henning participated in the founding of the Nordic Association of Dentistry for Handicapped, and was from 1983-1986 chairman of the Danish and Nordic associations.

Jens-Henning was a pioneer, and a source of inspiration to his colleagues, and was highly appreciated for his wits, his humanity and not the least for his expertise in the field of Odontology.

R. I. P.

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