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fcol001 - 'Nouvel Album Erotique' - Old French Erotic art, originally from 1830's, this is a, still rare, reprint by Stig Vendelkaer, Denmark, probably from 1960's. 8x11cm, 35 very explicit pages. It weighs 46gram...dkr200 - fcol001

fcol002 - 'Reinhoud d'Haese: Little Being With Big Hands' fine little artbook 11½x7½cm from Galerie Birch March 1965 - it has photos of a figure, dancing when the pages are quickly browsed...
Rare!, weighs app.33gram - dkr250 - fcol002

fcol003 - 2 'præmieobligationer' Danish prize bonds from 1948 each is 50kr, both were folded once, but excellent condition...dkr100 - fcol003

fcol004 - DK metalsign for your 1950's oldtimer vehicle...rare as it is, new in original package - 11x10½cm, weighs 67gram...dkr250 - fcol004

fcol005 - Toyota FWD (Corolla) Owner's Manual - English language, printed in Japan 01-86, copyright 1986 by Toyota Motor Corporation, weight 120gram. - dkr80 - fcol005

fcol006 - 2 antique hammered iron arrowheads, probably from Kenya app. 1850, interesting! 20 and 17cm long, weigh 64g...dkr250 - fcol006

fcol007 - Telecards - Telekort in album, some quite rare printed in small quantities, 77 from Greece and 44 Danish + 3 'various', it all weighs 1.15kg - 175kr - fcol007

fcol008 - Ballpen collection 19 pcs., all fine with advertising print, weigh 200g - 100kr - fcol008

fcol009 - Rich's Serie samlealbum 'Danske Husdyr' complete - 150kr - fcol009

fcol010 - Rich's Serie samlealbum 'Fra Mark Og Skov' complete - 150kr - fcol010

fcol011 - Ultraviolet lamp for stamps and more, professional analysis revealing faults, repairs, treated papertypes etc. - 175kr - fcol011

fcol012 - Stamps all World 600g, mostly 'on paper', many high denominations, and also including mint and washed stamps. Many thousand stamps, and defective stamps sorted away - 500kr - fcol012

fcol013 - Coins all mounted, mostly Danish, 8x10kr (3x'Skyggen', 2x'Snedronningen', 1x'Nattergalen', 1x'Sirius'2008, 
1x'Sirius'2009. 18x20kr (1x'Prins Joachim's Bryllup' 1995, 1x'Dr.M.II 60år' 2000, 1x'Århus Rådhus' 2002, 1x'Christiansborg Slot'
2003, 2x'Landet Kirke' 2005, 1x'Gråsten Slot' 2006, 5x'Fregatten Jylland' 2007, 2x'Vædderen' 2007, 1x'Selandia' 2008, 
1x'Dr.M.II 70år' 2010, 1x'Kajak' 2010, 1x'Emma Mærsk' 2011. Also 8 Euro coins (face value 3.70) and a US quarter 'Alabama' 2003P
+ 3 Danish 5øre coins from 1964,1978, 1988 and a 10øre from 1976. Total face value of current coins app. dkr.465, and they weighapp. 500g - 550kr - fcol013

fcol014 - Philately, Sheet from USA with Jazz Musicians 20x32cents ($6.40), mint perfect condition, issued in 1994 and suitable for framing - 85kr - fcol014

fcol015 - Post Danmark måleskabelon/measuresheet in cardboard for letters until April 1.- 2011 - 2pcs. + 2 mailcost guides, all discontinued - 50kr - fcol015

fcol016 - Philately, 5 envelopes sent to my mother from her friend Anette De Jonquieres who designed the flowerstamps used,
as well as decorating the envelopes. Here we also have a complete booklet (S149) from 2006 with a personal greeting to me 
from the artist who signed two stamps thus cancelling them (legal when done by the artist!), 8 stamps are mint unused. We also
have SM63 being an official constellation of the 'Forårsblomster' (Springflowers) series, and this is signed by the artist
15/8-2006. These are all unique rarities that will shine in a collection - 750kr - fcol016

fcol017 - Keyrings 15 pcs., mostly advertising - several quite old and rare a.o. one by famous Norwegian 'Linie Akvavit', they weigh app. 220g, not all appear on photo! - 200kr - fcol017

fcol018 - Pins and badges with message and opinion 37pcs., most are different. They date from 1950's until 2000, and they weigh app. 200g - 150kr - fcol018

fcol019 - USA - 2x Two dollar banknotes one A 01621492 A, A-A 1-1-1-1 (NB!) from 1976 and one F 29179628 B, F-B 6-6-6-6 from 1995, both are at least xf condition or almost uncirculated. 
The 1976 note is very rare first print with all its 1's and A's! - 600kr - fcol019

fcol020 - Turkey 10 Lira 1970 series, slight vertical fold yet xf condition; probably quite rare in this condition. In 1970, 10 Lira was real money! - 100kr - fcol020

fcol021 - Denmark 10 kroner, very fine condition with folds and sharp edges. 1972 series Nr.0240260 B5771P, signatures are Svend Andersen and Falun - 100kr - fcol021

fcol022 - GDR - DDR 5 mark from Deutsche Demokratische Republik, 1975 series Nr.MG275114, vertical fold, still about xf! - 50kr - fcol022

fcol023 - Nepal 10 rupees 1985-1987 (A), 1985-1987, very slight vertical fold, clean and xf condition. Obv. King Birendra Bir Bikram, Rev. Blackbuck antelopes - 50kr - fcol023

fcol024 - Nepal 10 rupees 1985-1987 (B), 1985-1987, very slight vertical fold, clean and xf condition. Obv. King Birendra Bir Bikram, Rev. Blackbuck antelopes - 50kr - fcol024

fcol025 - Iraq ½ dinar, I'm not sure of year and series, vertcal and horizontal folds, and small tear by the security thread - 5kr - fcol025

fcol026 - Morocco 10 dirhams (#1), 1970 (1390) seriesNr.B/74398881, vertical and horizontal folding, small edge 'dings'. Was well used, but is complete - 5kr - fcol026

fcol027 - Spain 1 peseta 1953 series Nr.1C6000180, well used with vertical fold and paperbreak (1cm) in mid bottom, still a decent and funny little banknote - 10kr - fcol027

fcol028 - USSR - CCCP 1 rubel 1961 series Nr.eB 9181155, used banknote with vertical fold, fine condition and quite sharp edges, legends in numerous dialects! - 25kr - fcol028

fcol029 - Greece 100 dr. 1953, subsiding issue, 2nd. print Nov.1.-1953, Emperor Constantine, inkmark, fine with vertical and horizontal folds, quite decent. Nr.013719 aB.01 - 5kr - fcol029

fcol030 - Bolivia 5 Pesos 1962 - Brazil 2 Cruzeiros series 915A - Germany 5000 Reichsmark November 1922 - 3 banknotes in poor condition - 5kr - fcol030

fcol031 - Greece 50 dr. 4th. print Dec.8-1978, about fine with vertical and horizontal folds and 2 small tears. Nr.04(Sigma)688544 - 5kr - fcol031

fcol032 - Greece 100 dr. 4th. print Dec.8-1978, almost uncirculated, very crisp without folds! Nr.27(Omega)015024 - 20kr - fcol032

fcol033 - Greece 500 dr. Feb.1.-1983 nr.08K 525420, folds and wear, tiny tear at bottom /½cm), decent banknote in about good condition (A) - 5kr - fcol033

fcol034 - Greece 500 dr. 3rd. print, Feb.1.-1983 nr.03(Gamma) 055604, xf condition, never folded (B) - 20kr - fcol034

fcol035 - Russia 10 rubels 1997 series, nr.(Ar? - kyrillic letters!?) 9813103, about very fine, not mint but was never folded. - 25kr - fcol035

fcol036 - Cyprus 500 mils, 1.6.-1982, well used fine with vertical and horizontal folds, but all in all a decent banknote. Nr.A 866417, legend in Greek and Turkish! - 20kr - fcol036

fcol037 - Vietnam 01_500 Dong, 1988 series Nr.AE0345094, well used, some folding and ballpen line on 'Uncle Ho', all in all very good condition - 5kr - fcol037

fcol038 - Vietnam 02A_1000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.ND7715221, vertical folds but quite sharp, very fine condition - 5kr - fcol038

fcol039 - Vietnam 02B_1000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.TE3069063, no folds, near mint condition - 10kr - fcol039

fcol040 - Vietnam 03A_2000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.BL3280249, vertical fold, sharp edge, very fine condition - 15kr - fcol040

fcol041 - Vietnam 03B_2000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.DB2616514, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine condition - 15kr - fcol041

fcol042 - Vietnam 03C_2000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.ZC6401754, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine condition - 15kr - fcol042

fcol043 - Vietnam 03D_2000 Dong, 1988 series Nr.EG4919988, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine condition - 15kr - fcol043

fcol044 - Vietnam 04A_5000 Dong, 1991 series Nr.CD8118031, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine condition - 25kr - fcol044

fcol045 - Vietnam 04B_5000 Dong, 1991 series Nr.BH4991744, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine+ condition - 25kr - fcol045

fcol046 - Vietnam 05_10000 Dong, Hologram series Nr.UB06514942, vertical fold, clean and sharp, very fine condition - 40kr - fcol046

fcol047 - Vietnam 06_20000 Dong, Hologram series Nr.HX06800421, very light vertical fold, clean and sharp, about xf condition - 60kr - fcol047

fcol048 - Vietnam 07_50000 Dong, Hologram series Nr.BK03773588, very light vertical fold, clean and sharp, about xf condition - 100kr - fcol048

fcol049 - Egypt 8 banknotes, 6x1£ (3 diff. dates), 1x50piastres, 1x25piastres, most are quite well used with flaws - 15kr - fcol049

fcol050 - Morocco 10 Dirhams, newer banknote in quite used, but good complete condition (#2) - 10kr - fcol050

fcol051 - Postcards Churches Ribe, 4 oldies, 3 are Ribe Domkirke, 1 is St.Catharinae Church with monastery. All diff. photos by Foto-Lauridsen's Eftf. Ribe. They weigh 17g and are unused in good sharp condition - 35kr - fcol051

fcol052 - Postcards Storks Ribe, 3 oldies all different photos by Lauridsen's Eftf. Ribe. They weigh 14g and are unused in good sharp condition - 25kr - fcol052

fcol053 - Postcards Ribe streetmotifs, 3 more or less different oldies mint condition, weight 14g - 50kr - fcol053

fcol054 - Postcards from 1947, 10 in embossed folder from HM King Christian X's funeral, quite perfect!, weigh 41g - 150kr - fcol054

fcol055 - Christiania, 2 older postcards from app. mid 1970's, #1 'Fakirskolen' (Vinkelgården), #2 'Hovedgaden' (Main Street) 'I Kan Ikke Slå Os Ihjel' (You can not kill us...we are a part of yourself), excellent unused condition, weigh 10g - 50kr - fcol055

fcol056 - 12 large reprints of rare old postcards from Frihavnen (Freeport) in Copenhagen, opened to check, take photos etc., mint and really quite nice and interesting, weigh app. 100g - see fcol057 - 100kr - fcol056

fcol057 - 12 large reprints of rare old postcards from Frihavnen (Freeport) in Copenhagen, mint never opened - see fcol056, weigh app. 100g - 100kr - fcol057

fcol058 -  - fcol058

fcol059 -  - fcol059

fcol060 -  - fcol060

fcol061 -  - fcol061

fcol062 -  - fcol062

fcol063 -  - fcol063

fcol064 -  - fcol064

fcol065 -  - fcol065

More items coming! - when I find their whereabouts...

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