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Mostly 1950's doll's house equipment, but also both older and newer items...

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fdhse001 - Doll from early 1950's, white, 65mm plastic - 75kr - fdhse001

fdhse002 - Sink on pillar h=55mm, toilet with lid and cistern 50x60mm pink plastic (tiny flaw), bathscale 22x45mm, set in pink plastic from early 1950's - 200kr - fdhse002

fdhse003 - Toilettissueholder 30x25mm pink metal from early 1950's - 30kr - fdhse003

fdhse004 - Winebottle, Bordeaux, green plastic, h=30mm from early 1950's - 25kr - fdhse004 

fdhse005 - Serving tray, white plastic 55x38mm from early 1950's - 75kr - fdhse005

fdhse006 - Serving tray, red bakelite 90x55mm (slightly defective) from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse006

fdhse007 - Frying pan, vintage copper toy, d=20mm - 60kr - fdhse007

fdhse008 - Bread, 'Rugbrød', 'Schulstad's Groft Rugbrød' wood/paper 8x23x30mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse008

fdhse009 - Coffee substitute, 'Danmark Kaffetilsætning' wood/paper 10x17x37mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse009

fdhse010 - Butter, 'Ejby Smør' Lurmærket, pakket for Maypole, wood/paper 11x16x30mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse010

fdhse011 - Canned pears, Beauvais 'Grev Moltke Pærer' tin, painted wood/paper d=15mm h=21mm from early 1950's - 125kr - fdhse011

fdhse012 - Herrings, P.Lykkeberg 'Havfrue Appetitsild' plastic/paper 5x19x26mm from early 1950's - 75kr - fdhse012

fdhse013 - Herrings, P.Lykkeberg 'Smorgåssild i Hummersauce' plastic/paper d=20 h=6mm from early 1950's - 75kr - fdhse013

fdhse014 - Mineralwater, 'Stjernen' Sportsvand plastic with paperlabel h=33mm from early 1950's (2pcs) - 125kr - fdhse014

fdhse015 - Mineralwater, 'Stjernen' Valencia wood with paperlabel h=36mm 75kr - fdhse015

fdhse016 - Beer, 'Stjernen' Lager Øl wood with paperlabel h=40mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse016

fdhse017 - Beer, 'Carlsberg' Gamle Carlsberg Lager Øl wood with paperlabel h=42mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse017

fdhse018 - Turkey, fried, ceramic 35x48mm - 50kr - fdhse018

fdhse019 - CocaCola 12 bottles in box plastic (1970's) 17x25x40mm NB! the price is for one box! - 25kr - fdhse019

fdhse020 - CocaCola 12 bottles in box plastic (1970's) 17x25x40mm NB! the price is for one box! - 25kr - fdhse020

fdhse021 - Sofa (sit/sleep) with fold-out mechanism, 100x135mm, teakwood with beige upholstery with wear, from early 1950's - 350kr - fdhse021

fdhse022 - Sofatable teakwood h=37 w=40 l=70mm from early 1950's - 200kr - fdhse022

fdhse023 - Dinnertable with 4 chairs, teakwood Table h=50 w=58 l=93mm, Chairs h=60mm from early 1950's, one chair has a defective leg repaired with a match - 300kr - fdhse023

fdhse024 - Hall mirror teakwood/mirrorglass, with pricmark from Magasin Du Nord Copenhagen,  h=85 w=30mm from early 1950's - 200kr - fdhse024

fdhse025 - Bed, bluepainted wood with flowerdecor w=60 l=90mm (Alwi Møbler?) from early 1950's - 200kr - fdhse025

fdhse026 - Tea tray on wheels, white painted wood flowerdecor h=50 w=46 l=70mm (Alwi Møbler?) from early 1950's - 300kr - fdhse026

fdhse027 - Bookshelf with cupboard, hinged door, painted and flowerdecotared wood h=65 w=95 d=29mm (Alwi Møbler) from early 1950's - 400kr - fdhse027

fdhse028 - Drawer, wooden, 3 drawers, lightblue with flowerdecor h=70 w=93 d=57mm (Alwi Møbler) from early 1950's - 400kr - fdhse028

fdhse029 - Bookshelf, angled for corner usage, decorated wood h=60 w=67 d=60mm (Alwi Møbler?) from early 1950's - 300kr - fdhse029

fdhse030 - Radio furniture, decorated wood h=53 w=100 d=27mm (Alwi Møbler?) from early 1950's - 500kr - fdhse030

fdhse031 - Telephone red plastic. Telefon Fabrik Automatic a/s Danmark 14x18mm from early 1950's? - 250kr - fdhse031

fdhse032 - Tablelamp with shade h=45mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse032

fdhse033 - Flowervase decorated ceramic h=25mm from early 1950's - 100kr - fdhse033

fdhse034 - Fruitbowl, pewter d=30mm from early 1950's - 75kr - fdhse034

fdhse035 - Various, possibly with defects, i.e. electric sofa lamp with shade, repairable from early 1950's - 150kr - fdhse035

fdhse036 - Alarmclock in red plasticmaterial, very detailed 1950's - 30kr - fdhse036

fdhse037 - Glassjar or vase for the perfect dollhouse - 20kr - fdhse037

fdhse038 - Grape juice can in plastic - 20kr - fdhse038

fdhse039 - Halldecoration, realistic newer set with round mirror and wallcandeliers in 'gold' metal - 100kr - fdhse039

fdhse040 - Mold for a pie or a tart, metal, 1950's - 20kr - fdhse040

fdhse041 - Radio in plasticmaterial or bakelite, with functioning dial, 1950's - 75kr - fdhse041

fdhse042 - Tabouret or laundrytable, possibly Lego? - 15kr - fdhse042

fdhse043 - Telephone in lead metal 'Herold', very old and unusual - 120kr - fdhse043

fdhse044 - Travelbag in ceramic material, 1970's - 25kr - fdhse044

fdhse045 - Vacuumcleaner 'Nilfisk' in lead metal 'Herold', very old and rare - 150kr - fdhse045

fdhse046 - Winecups in brass 19pcs, will fit a castle dinner setting. These lovely cups that came with Heering liqueur bottles, are no longer available, h=16mm - 250kr - fdhse046

The following items were all made by 'Tekno' Denmark, and are highly desired collectibles!

fdhse047 - Tekno, not marked, 2 black pots with 1 blue matching lid, only one pot on photo, but 2 identical in this lot, 1930's - 125kr - fdhse047

fdhse048 - Gas oven with lid, blue metal from 1930's, rare, 30x30x40mm (Tekno, marked). #1 - 300kr - fdhse048

fdhse049 - Gas oven with lid, blue metal from 1930's, rare, 30x30x40mm (Tekno, marked). #2 - 300kr - fdhse049

fdhse050 - Tekno, not marked, 'æbleskivepande' red, excellent condition, a rare 1930's dollshouse item - 75kr - fdhse050

fdhse051 - Frying pans 4pcs blue metal, varying conditions, d=26mm (Tekno but not marked) from 1930's - 200kr - fdhse051

fdhse052 - Beercase 'Ølkasse', 1950's Tekno, not marked, green metal 9x10x15mm from early 1950's, probably cargo from a Tekno Tuborg beer truck - 30kr - fdhse052

Here I sell some new-in-box beautiful, mostly wooden, dollshouse furniture and decorations, in fine colonial style...

fdhse053 - Baby's nursing room, cabinet with door and drawers, bed, drying table and other cute quality equipment NIB - 150kr - fdhse053

fdhse054 - Bathroom set with bathtub, sink, mirrors and wc, really very nice! NIB - 150kr - fdhse054

fdhse055 - Dining room or kitchen furniture, cabinat, 2 tabourets and more, elegant all wood NIB  - 150kr - fdhse055

fdhse056 - Garden furniture, bench, chair, rocking chair, table, hanging sofa, all white wood colonial elegance, cute quality equipment NIB  - 150kr - fdhse056

fdhse057 - Sitting room wooden upholstered furniture, 2 armchairs, small table and even a fireplace, new in elegant antique style NIB  - 150kr - fdhse057

fdhse058 - Sitting room wooden upholstered furniture, 2 chairs, sofa and a table, new in elegant antique style NIB  - 150kr - fdhse058

E-mail: job(@)  - Please remove ( ) brackets before sending email, whether ordering or asking questions, thanks!