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fel01 - SONY TC-D5M professional cassette recorder that used to cost 8-9000dkr, incl. slightly dusty bag, power supply, perfect working condition - dkr1500 - fel01

fel02 - Philips remote control rc7507 for TV, used, needs cleaning but works well - dkr50 - fel02

fel03 - For Panasonic NV-HD101EB VCR, manual and remote control - dkr100 - fel03

fel04 - PowerSafer PSX Multiline, never opened-in-box, max. 1000watt, saves energy and protects against lightning - dkr150 - fel04

S fel05 - Sony power supply Model No. AC-SD1, 220/240volt into 28volt 1.5amp - dkr200 - fel05

fel06 - Step-down converter trafo 220/240volt 200watt 50hz into 110/120volt ac 60hz max 200watt, used well and a bit 'loose', but
works well and is quite difficult to's heavy! - for USA made electronic gear etc. dkr400 - fel06

fel07 - DIN male connectors in high quality, a 5-pin and a 3-pin type, both used - dkr30 - fel07

fel08 - Timer for parking, cooking etc. brandnew in box, incl. battery and instruction sheet, clip /magnet, max. timing 99min 59sec - dkr50 - fel08

fel09 - Battery boxes, 13pcs. for 2AA batteries + 17 cables that will also connect a 9volt battery - dkr50 - fel09

fel10 - Laserpointer with extra 'heads' with heart and other figures + extra set of batteries, new-in-box with instruction sheet - dkr45 - fel10

fel11 - Earphones in yo-yo's, one is a SONY, one has no name, also a SONY device for adjusting volume - dkr65 - fel11

fel12 - 4 prong female vintage screw-on plug, I guess for old hamradio microphone - dkr15 - fel12

fel13 - Step-down converter 220/240volt into 110/120volt, good for smaller devices like a hair dryer, kitchen machines etc. - marked 1600watt but no-no! - rather max. 50watt - dkr150 - fel13

fel14 - Vintage high quality group of 4 milliamp meters, a power meter and various on/off switches, all pulled from old dental equipment - dkr150 - fel14

fel15 - Osram 2721 W2X4.6D bulbs, tiny-tiny, probably for car dashboard or the like? - dkr30 - fel15

fel16 - Tiny 1.5volt dc motor with on/off switch and battery connectors - dkr20 - fel16

fel17 - Tiny banana plugs + light device, all vintage from my Märklin HO 1950's childhood - dkr50 - fel17

fel18 - Condensator(?) for camera flash, 330volt (dangerous!) - app. AA battery sized, pulled from digital camera - dkr20 - fel18

fel19 - Bulbs vintage, 2 pcs. for car blinkers or such, 12volt/5watts - dkr25 - fel19

fel20 - 22 Bulbs micro app. 2mm with solder cables, 19x3volt and 3x1.5volt - dkr150 - fel20

fel21 - Extra screw on heads for laser pointer, 3 different figures - dkr15 - NB! these won't fit fel10 - fel21

fel22 - Flash device from Canon Powershot a75 digital camera - CAUTION high voltage! - fel22

fel23 Chinon analogue camera with pouch...fel23

fel24 Selftimer 'Autoknips' with hard-to-find adapter - se beskrivelse - fel24

fel25 DIN plugs, 2 pcs., pulled, one is 3 prong and one is 5 prong...fel25

fel26 Radionette Båndoptaker B4, various parts pulled, incl. 'Magic Eye' tube and original diagram...fel26

fel27 Jackplugs 6.5mm, vintage selection, 1 pair metal angled, 1 white bakelite angled, 1 straight,
and 2 rare bakelite 'splitters', the splitters are nos, the rest are pulled from nos items...fel27

fel28 Various new/unused cables, most not known to me, so please check this photo, thank you!... - dkr100 - fel28

fel29 - Nokia BL-5CB battery for cellphone, used, weighs app. 25gr. - 25kr - fel29

fel30 - TeleDanmark 'Mini Logger' - nummerviser (shows phonenumber of incoming call), weighs app. 200gr. - 50kr - fel30

fel31 -  - fel31

fel32 -  - fel32

fel33 - - fel33

fel34 - - fel34

fel35 - - fel35


Inquiries and ordering: job(@) - remove brackets and state fel# in subject line, thank you!