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fg001 - USA - Denmark 1776-1976 'Rebild' porcelain dish by Bing & Groendahl, very rare and commemorating the US Centennial, may hang or stand, each weighs 600gram and they are sold separately - dkr150 - fg001

fg002 - Greece - Crete - 2 white, vintage glass ashtrays, one advertising 'ASSOS' cigarettes, and the other advertises 'POUGIAKIS' Cretan farm products, weigh app. 550gram - dkr150 - fg002

fg003 - Little old white, rifled 'Lyngby' porcelain vase marked Denmark, 1950's, 6cm high, weighs 64gram - dkr85 - fg003

fg004 - White Swan porcelain family of three, the larger is a vase and 11cm, weigh 126gram - dkr80 - fg004

fg005 - Crab ashtray in bronze, 2 pieces bowl and lid, spectacular!, marked '620', it's 13.5x4.5cm, and weighs 219gram - dkr350 - fg005

fg006 - Denmark - Danish Design 1950-60's glass ashtray, purple/smoke - a sought-after design, I'm quite sure from Holmegaard - dkr300 - fg006

S fg007 - Just Andersen ashtray marked  'DENMARK JUST A B1775X, diameter 16.5cm weighing 480gram - dkr350 - fg007

fg008 - Carlsberg Denmark 'breweriana', porcelain ashtray from 1920's with 'swastika' - this is super x-rare and in near flawless condition, 15x9cm and weighing 445gram - dkr800  - fg008

fg009 - Barometer, smaller vintage model 15x3.5cm weighing 25gram and showing you 'Celsius' degrees - dkr50 - fg009

fg010 - Barometer, larger vintage model 20x4cm weighing 52gram and showing you 'Celsius' degrees - dkr75 - fg010

fg011 - Fine H.C.Andersen Fairy Tale porcelain figurine 'The Little Girl With Matches', German made, marked with a.o. scissors for 'Schneider's Erben', 13.5x6cm weighing 182gram - dkr250 - fg011

fg012 - Herbes de Provence spicejar 1960's Danish Design Eva Trio by Ole Palsby, porcelain and corklid, 11x8cm weighs 240gram - dkr150 - fg012

fg013 - Just Andersen Aladdin Lamp marked  'DENMARK JUST A, 11.5x7cm weighing 210gram - dkr350 - fg013

fg014 - Skipper and Sailor clay figurines - really nice and funny! - 7cm/81gram - dkr90 - fg014

S fg015 - 'Boozeheads' for serving schnaps, porcelain, Man and Woman (small chip on man's hatbrim) - really nice and funny! - cork must be fitted to use - 8cm/64gram - dkr150 - fg015

fg016 - Old Danish cakemolds in copper 'Tærteforme' (Muffins) - really nice and rarely found! - 8cm and 9.5cm/60gram - dkr150 - fg016

fg017 - Gambler's cabinet, antique with genuine near complete set of, probably Ivory, bone jetons, no key for the lock - dkr650 - fg017

fg018 - Old fine spoon, silver or plated, stamped SCH MELCK - VICTORIA KONTROLL and engraved Gothic initials (PR?) - 21.5cm/53gram - dkr50 - fg018

fg019 - Old fine teaspoon, souvenir, silver or plated, stamped SF A + 1883 84* - and engraved Gothic initials (CJ?) - name of place engraved in Kyrillic, possibly ABKHAS? - 12cm/13gram - dkr50 - fg019

fg020 - Royal Crown (btw. from 'Statsministeriet' Christiansborg Castle, Copenhagen) - 7x5cm/5gram - dkr250 - fg020

fg021 - Old Art Deco loftlamp from 1920's, mint green glass with decor, very perfect and unusual in working condition (220/240volt - easily changed to 110/120volt) - 20x25cm/1400gram - dkr1500 - fg021

fg022 - Ladle - Potageske - Old fine spoon, silver or plated, rosedecor, stamped 2 towers a.o. - 19.5cm/50gram - dkr150 - fg022

fg023 - Old thimbles (fingerbøl) in porcelain with rural decor, horses/chariots etc. and goldrim - 3 different - 2.8cm/25gram - dkr150 - fg023

fg024 - Kitten figurines - kattekillinger, a group of 4 in porcelain, real cute figurines! - each app. 5cm/80gram - dkr150 - fg024

fg025 -'Dumbo', sweet little vintage elephant figurine in porcelain - 6cm/30gram - dkr75 - fg025

fg026 - Figurines - a cat, a dog and a fox - all 3 nicely made in porcelain - 5cm/60gram - dkr90 - fg026

fg027 - Figurines, porcelain - a bear, a hare and a rabbit (tiny ear flaw), and an alabaster horse - max.8cm/160gram - dkr50  - fg027

fg028 - Figurines, all metal, group of  9 pieces - A bird of some sort, a morter, a cello, a fill-in-bucket, a bird, a telephone, a coffee grinder, an iron, a tea infuser shaped like tiny teapot and a 
copper/brass pitcher marked Italy - max.5-6cm/300gram - dkr150  - fg028

fg029 - 8 bowls of fine old glass, i.e. for desserts or starters (I think they are from Fyens Glasvaerk!?) - 9.5x8cm, and all 8 are quite heavy! - dkr350 - fg029

fg030 - 2 finely detailed adjacent tin figures in box. They commemorate the reconstruction of Vestner Tower, Zirndorf 1980 (Germany) - the box is 8x8cm/34gram - dkr35  - fg030

fg031 - Figure of ROLAND - BREMEN (Germany) - a souvenir, all metal - it is 9cm/134gram - dkr25  - fg031

fg032 - Small porcelain plaquette to commemorate the 110 years jubilee in 1993 of the Waltrop Feuerwehr (Germany) - S mark on back, the diameter is 10cm/62gram - dkr15  - fg032

fg033 - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, vintage new pin (Germany) - 6cm/4gram - dkr10  - fg033

fg034 - Scissors for trimming wicks on candles, solid brass standing on little feet - 14.5cm/81gram - dkr80  - fg034

fg035 - German Shepherd porcelain dog figurine (one ear was repaired!) - 17x11.5cm/210gram - dkr35  - fg035

fg036 - German Shepherd porcelain dog figurine in perfect condition - 16.5x11.5cm/222gram - dkr90  - fg036

fg037 - Pointer dog porcelain figurine, quite large and very beautiful! - marked but not readable to me - 29x15cm/700gram - dkr200  - fg037

fg038 - German Shepherd, very big porcelain dog figurine in perfect condition - 34x20cm/1300gram - dkr450  - fg038

fg039 - Danish Design, stainless steel sugarbowl with palisander 'ears' - marked LSA - 9x4cm/83gram - dkr50  - fg039

fg040 - Stoneware Jar, I guess it's a pint, marked PRICE POWELL Genuine British Stoneware Made In England 1978, in perfect condition - 14.5x7.5cm/480gram - dkr50  - fg040

fg041 - Glove for fireplace or barbeque, brandnew in leather with VO embroidered logo (Varde Ovne) - Large/90gram - dkr80  - fg041

fg042 - Glassjar with lid, Danish Design by TRIP-TRAP, with gasketed stainless steellid and 2 wooden spoons matching well but not original 7x8cm/225gram - dkr150  - fg042

fg043 - Table runner with vineleaves/grape decor, new and handmade 133x37cm/120gram - dkr150  - fg043

fg044 - Glassbottles, 2pcs., 1 with little handle and cork, the smaller with screw-on metallid 18cm/11cm/370gram - dkr25  - fg044

fg045 - Tealight holders, elaborately made with 'silver and gemstones' - set of 2, 8x8cm/210gram - dkr45  - fg045

fg046 - Photoframes, 7 in all, 5 are old or older (1 without glass!), 2 are common clip-on types, various sizes up to 20cm/950gram - dkr150  - fg046

fg047 - Pottery, a very cute and quite old bowl with 'ear', perhaps a bit fragile, could be 'Faaborg' 8.5x3.5cm/75gram - dkr150  - fg047

fg048 - Rare old collectible kerosene lamp by FROWO No.520 Made In GDR, in quite splendid condition except for defective glass and no wick - dkr200  - fg048

fg049 - Washstand - Servantesæt, 3 pieces, Crown Devon Fieldings Staffordshire England Acid Resistant, dish diameter app. 38cm, pitcher height app. 30cm, soapdish app. 14½x11cm - dkr800  - fg049

fg050 - Aebleskivepande, antique, from the times of a fireplace in the kitchen. It's made from enamelled cast iron. The diameter is 24.5cm (app. 10"), and it weighs over 1½ kilo. It is
very decoratif with i.e. tealights in it...or on the wall. It used to be handled with a loose iron shaft, that would handle the pots and pans as is a fairly uncommon item,
and the sweet cakes that was baked in it has a Danish name that cannot really be translated. Yet a direct translation would be 'appleslices' but having nothing to do with apples, except that they
were round, fluffy 'balls' served with strawberry jam and icingsugar - dkr500.  - fg050

fg051 - Relatively large, 24½x17½cm Holmegaard 1960-70's glassbowl in excellent condition with 'bubbles' in base - a beautiful piece in purple/clear handmade glass!
Would i.e. present fine chocolates is fairly heavy!  - dkr375  - fg051

fg052 Foldable 3-legged stool or tabouret for the hunter or walker. Height when folded app.50cm. New...dkr45 - 

fg053 Huntingknife with leatherholster, a serious hunter's tool and like new except for a discoloration on backside of holster. Made in Brasil, length 25.5cm, the blade is 15cm (needs permit in Denmark). - dkr300 -  fg053

fg054 Guitarbag with carriage handle, cloth fabric...may need a cleaning...dkr20 - 

fg055 'ALBYL' fine little old collectable tinbox app.5½x4cm. - dkr50 - 

fg056 Clock with quartz technology - made from cd with the Jayhawks 'Def American' in a worn box. I made it, and my clocks work well...I still have some that I used for nearly 20 years...dkr100 - 

fg057 'Mississippi Gambler' knife made from Japanese surgical steel by Frost Cutlery...the handle is homemade and primitive, the blade is kind of spooky, like made for the murderer wannabe. 
The blade is 13cm, and will demand special permit in weighs 95gram...dkr175 - 

fg058 'Union Jack' - fine and interesting old flag, that was used in DR TV (Danish Television) setting up Les Misérables (De Elendige) many years ago...45x27cm...dkr250 - fg058

fg059 Wristwatch by TERNIER, kitschy and brandnew never used in original package...beat those cheap Rolex kids!...dkr200 -  fg059

fg060 Wristwatch in box 'SCENE Quartz', large digits, works perfectly well but will need a new battery and strap...dkr50  - fg060

fg061 Glassbottles, 2 small bottles, 18 and 12cm incl. cork...dkr15 -  fg061

fg062 Multitool 'Westfalia' nib with holster and manual, stainless steel with LED lamp and much more...dkr75 -  fg062

fg063 'Victorinox' Swiss Army knife model 1.3703, nib with warranty slip, many functions incl. scissors, tweezer, toothpick and much more...a fine older type, better made than today! - dkr225 -  fg063

fg064 Kitchenknife, old, not stainless so will be real sharp and stay sharp better than the softer stainless steel...dkr25 -  fg064

fg065 Inkdryer, small old model in wood, will look cute on your desk! - semiantique... - dkr60 -  fg065

fg066 Morels (Morkler) app. 50gram dried...I developed allergy, so I'm selling these rare mushrooms...Gourmet stuff, but you must know how to prepare these! - dkr100 -  fg066

fg067 Tinbox of newer date, celebrating Danish chocolatemaker Sv. Michelsen's 75th. anniversary... - dkr25 -  fg067

fg068 Golf putting set of newer date, really nice i zipped pouch...2 balls, iron in 4 pieces (hotel room or home practice?) and a 'hole' - all brandnew!... - 33x15x7cm, weight 1000gram - dkr350 -  fg068

fg069 Tage Andersen 'Adventskrans' - Advent wreath by famous need of redecoration, 22x15x8cm, weight 240gram - dkr225 -  fg069

fg070 Tea strainer of older date, stamped 'Italy Monte...'? - looks like silver but probably isn't - was a gift at my parent's wedding in 1940's...17x9cm, weight 120gram - dkr250 -  fg070

fg071 Various straps, toys, leashes for dogs and cats, some new unused, high value! weight 600gram... - dkr125 -  fg071

fg072 Baseball, old, handsewn leather...weight 80gram - dkr125 -  fg072

fg073 - Windshield wiper blade 'Bosch' 16" (400mm), opened but brandnew. It didn't fit the rear window of my Peugeot Partner :-( - it weighs app. 150gr. - 30kr - fg073

fg074 - Windshield wiper blades pair 16" (500mm), unopened and brandnew. Bought for a car I no longer have - it weighs app. 300gr. - 30kr - fg074

fg075 - Windshield wiper blades pair 16" (500mm), unopened and brandnew. Bought for a car I no longer have - it weighs app. 300gr. - 30kr - fg075

NB! - The tinboxes following now, are all empty!

fg076 - Tinboxes 'Kusmi Tea' 2 similar 'Four Red Fruits' 11x6cm - weighing app. 200gr. - 30kr - fg076

fg077 - Tinboxes 'Kusmi Tea' 2 similar 'Prince Vladimir' 11x6cm - weighing app. 200gr. - 30kr - fg077

fg078 - Tinbox 'Kusmi Tea Earl Grey' 11x6cm - weighing app. 100gr. - 15kr - fg078

fg079 - Tinbox 'Kusmi Tea Quatre Fruits Rouge' 11x12cm - weighing app. 130gr. - 20kr - fg079

fg080 - Tinbox 'Kusmi Tea Thé Vert-Gingembre-Citron' 11x12cm - weighing app. 130gr. - 20kr - fg080

fg081 - Tinbox 'Schulstad Madkasse' (Lunchbox), old and lovely!, 19x12x7½cm - weighing app. 200gr. - 50kr - fg081

fg082 - Tinbox 'Fernet Branca' 31½x8½cm - weighing app. 225gr., and is different from the other 2 I'm selling - 25kr - fg082

fg083 - Tinbox 'Fernet Branca' 31½x8½cm - weighing app. 225gr., similar to fg084 - 25kr - fg083

fg084 - Tinbox 'Fernet Branca' 31½x8½cm - weighing app. 225gr., similar to fg083 - 25kr - fg084

fg085 - Toothpaste and toothbrush for dogs - brandnew, weighing app. 105gr., was dkr.105 - 35kr - fg085

fg086 - Tinbox 'Altoids', small, 9½x6x2cm - weighing app. 45gr. - 10kr - fg086

fg087 - Dried Morels, (Morcheln, Morkler), a very attractive, rare and expensive edible mushroom, that I sadly developed an allergy against :-( - Dried weight 2x20gr., 200gr soaked - 75kr - fg087

S fg088 - Tinbox 'Bensdorp Cocoa' lovely, from 1950's, 10x16cm - weighing app. 180gr. - 80kr - fg088

fg089 - Oriflame giftset with brushes etc. for hairstyling, as well as 2 equally new giftbags - weighing app. 440gr. - 60kr - fg089

fg090 - Bottles, a pair, 18cm - weighing app. 520gr. - 25kr - fg090

fg091 - Dog trainer 'Soft Clicker' unused with manual - weighing app. 40gr. - 25kr - fg091

fg092 - Knife by Helle A/S Norway, stainless quality fisherman's tool with leather holster, l=20cm (blade 10cm) - weighing app. 160gr. - 80kr - fg092

fg093 - Streetlight (Lygtepæl), old and lovely, made from old Danish coppercoins!, 11cm - weighing app. 50gr. - 50kr - fg093

fg094 - Candybowl, Art Nouveau/Jugend, old and lovely, app. 1910-20!, shaped like a mussel and nice twisted handle, standing on little ballshaped feet, all silvered. 12cm long, weighing app. 110gr. - 250kr - fg094

fg095 - Art Nouveau/Jugend item, old and lovely, from 1919!, decorated fayence with metal brim, stamped 21cm diameter, weighing app. 160gr. - it has hairline crack visible from bottom only - 250kr - fg095

fg096 - Neckrest, inflatable pillow for long flights, trainrides, busrides, carrides etc., brandnew - weighing app. 75gr. - 20kr - fg096

fg097 - Massageroll, wooden, 19½cm - weighing app. 180gr. - 30kr - fg097

fg098 - Make-up/shaving mirror with magnifying effect, d=17½cm with 3 suction cups - weighing app. 190gr., real nice, practical and useful! - 50kr - fg098

fg099 - Make-up zippered pouch and small mirror, 15x11cm and never used - weighing app. 100gr. - 20kr - fg099

fg100 - Pincushion, wooden, old and cute! h=8cm - weighing app. 40gr. - 60kr - fg100

fg101 - Padlock, tiny, old and cute, with 2 keys! h=3½cm - weighing app. 14gr. - 15kr - fg101

fg102 - Photoframes, one is metal wit curved glass, the other is green leather with goldprint, quite old and cute! - size please see photo compared to lighter (lighter not included) - weighing app. 120gr. - 60kr - fg102

fg103 - Binoculars 'Focus Compact' 8x25, anti UV coating, rubber coated housing in decent shape, but slightly sticky, dioptic adjustment option, measuring 11x11cm - weighing app. 325gr. - 80kr - fg103

fg104 - Inlay soles 'Bremel' (Austria), unopened pack with 2 pairs, size 36-41, will fit most women and teenagers h=8cm - weighing app. 200gr. - 30kr - fg104

fg105 - Steigeisen, a pair by 'Gresshoppa' (Norway?), quite old an unusual, aluminum with leatherstraps. For walking on icy surfaces or even mountain climbing. A neat timepiece - weighing app. 180gr. - 75kr - fg105


Inquiries and ordering: job(@) - remove brackets and state fg# in subject line, thank you!