Welcome  to  B L U E S C U R R E N T's  Private  Fleamarket...

These pages are still under construction - but getting there with app. 1000 different items listed...
Thanks for your patience !

- and please R E M E M B E R: Sensible bids are welcome !

IMPORTANT!! - If the letter 'S' appears before the id# of an item, the item is sold...

On rare occasions, I may have put an item up for auction on eBay or QXL, but this will be rare exceptions -
such an item will NOT be marked, but should you happen to show interest in such an item, I will inform you
over the auctionsite and auctionnumber.

You may pay me using PayPal (preferred!) or cash in US
$ or in Euro, but rememeber
that mailing cash is at the sender's risk...I can't control the mail system...
On agreement you may transfer payment to my bank account, but in Danish Kroner only! - I
don't recommend this way, because it's time demanding, slow and expensive...
Local pick-up can be arranged - Sold items will be mailed with Post Danmark only...
Unless buyer ordered and paid for registered or value mail (not all countries!), I
will not be responsible for mishaps in the mail...I reserve the right to demand registered
mail, and ALWAYS to: Spain, Italy, Greece and Tristan Da Cunha...eeh...and...Tierra Del Fuego...

Additional photos of many items available by request...

Prices in danish kroner, 100dkr equals app. = x.xxUS$ / x.xxEuro / x.xxUK£ / x.xxSEK

!!!  P L E A S E  N O T E  !!!

Actual mailing costs are added to your bid !
Overseas mailorders at least dkr.200,- purchase to avoid a dkr. 10.- service fee for packing materials etc.
Europe / Danish mailorders at least dkr.100,- purchase to avoid a dkr. 10.- service fee for packing materials etc.

Selling and mailing vinyl records is a World of it's own, and packing vinyl records safely is demanding and time consuming,
so a fee will apply if ordering lots of inexpensive records, or ordering just one or two titles...I haven't decided yet, exactly how
this fee will apply, but typically if buying for less than 500dkr...


Listed categories of items for sale...


Bric-a-Brac for sale...HERE !

Computerstuff, PC stuff etc. for sale...HERE !

Electronics - complete or parts for sale...HERE !

Maps and Travel Memorabilia for sale...HERE !

Rare Blues LP's, EP's and 7" Singles for sale...HERE !

Other LP's, EP's and 7" Singles for sale...HERE !

 Shellac 78rpm. Records for sale...HERE !

Native Americana items for sale...HERE !

Collector's Corner...HERE !

Old rarities from Dental Clinic for sale...HERE !

Rare Old Toys, Tekno etc. for sale...HERE !

Vintage dollshouse equipment for sale...HERE !

Fine old dolls for sale...HERE !

Rattlesnakebones and other weird stuff for sale...HERE !

Harmonica Microphones for sale...HERE !

Harmonica Microphone Parts for sale...HERE !

Smoking & Drinking remedies for sale...HERE !

Various Antiques and Collectibles for sale...HERE !

Music Memorabilia for sale...HERE !

German WW2 stuff - in commission - for sale...HERE !

Books for sale...HERE ! 

Jewellery, Gold, Silver and Gemstones for sale...HERE !

Personal, Glasses, Bags, Clothes and Accessories etc. for sale...HERE !


National Geographic Magazine...1956 - 2012 - a substantial collection for sale...Check it out...HERE ! 



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