Native American 'Indian' section
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fna01.  Bird in woven material to hang as decoration, I guess it's from Guatemala. It is 14 cm from beak to tail and weighs app. 10gram. dkr.50.  fna01

fna02.  Brooch from Colombia, marked Colombia O.P.E., it's 4.5x4.3cm and weighs 32gram. dkr.275.  fna02

fna03.  Eagle skull, genuine and legal #05701, being a gift from famous ornitologist Poul Hald Mortensen, app. 13x5cm weighing 93gram incl. box. dkr.8000.  fna03

fna04.  Native American girl doll with drum and leatherdress, moccasins, pearl decorations, open/close brown eyes and more...Beautiful and handmade in like-new condition. She's 19cm tall, and weighs 146gram incl. box (82gram without box). dkr.300.  fna04

fna05.  Ultra rare genuine antique Navajo blanket, I know it was used as a 'saddle' and was woven sometime in the mid to late 1800's. It has repairs and mothholes. I think the
pattern is called 'maze', and it does strange hypnotic stuff when being looked at. It measures app. 58.5x137cm or 24x55". It weighs 800grams. - this is a museumpiece! dkr.9000.  fna05-1 / fna05-2 / fna05-3

fna06.  Ultra rare genuine antique Navajo breastplate, 'skeleton' type made with bonepipes,  leatherstrings and beads, and like fna05 it dates to sometime in the mid to late 1800's, and has followed the blanket since then! - the leatherstraps have weakened, and I've added new straps for possible repair. It measures app. 26x40cm or app.11x17".  It weighs 600grams. - this is a museumpiece! dkr.12000.  fna06-1 / fna06-2

fna07.  2 sided map of North American Indian tribes/North America Before Columbus. Printed in 1972 by National Geographic Magazine. It has a couple of small tears/weak spots in folds, but absolutely suitable for framing. It measures app. 95x81cm or 40x16" and weighs app. 80gram. dkr.500.  fna07

fna08.  Thunderbird brooch in fine silver marked STC (or TSC?), 5.5x4cm/7.5gram. I bought it app. 1970. dkr.375.  fna08

fna09.  Trouble Dolls, 6 tiny handmade dolls and a basket, from Guatemala...they take your worries (up to six worries a day!) away when put under your pillow overnight. They weigh 17gram, and are never opened or used. I bought them at a Smithsonian museum. dkr.85.  fna09

fna10.  4 postcards (3 different) with Native American motif...the larger (and older!) has pinholes. They all weigh app. 25gram. dkr.30.  fna10

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