National Socialistic Memorabilia and other WW2 related items for sale: 
Some other old German collectibles too! - Under coming !

Please note, that even some of the objects for sale here are somewhat controversial, they
do not reflect my sympathies, but merely my interest in history and historical objects...

Most items in this section are in commision, and will NOT be sent to countries
or territories where they are forbidden...Like Austria, Germany a.o.

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fns01 -  Badge for party membership of NSDAP probably app. 1933. Marked: M1/148 RZM by Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe, Wien (Quite rare maker's mark!)
Deutsch: Logo der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) - English: Logo of the National Socialist German Workers Party
RZM is an abbreviation for Reich Zeug Meisterei, (National Equipment Quartermaster). The RZM was set up in 1934 to procure and distribute items to Party formations, and also approve chosen 
designs and to act as a quality control supervisor to ensure items manufactured for the Party met required specification and were standardized. About perfect and near mint condition. dkr600 -  fns01

fns02 - Kokarde i metal, cockade in metal. Excellent condition. dkr100  -  fns02

fns03 - Epaulet = skulderdistinktion. Perfect condition. dkr125  -  fns03

fns04 - Epaulettes in pair = skulderdistinktioner i par. Excellent condition! dkr425  -  fns04

fns05 - This seems to be a band for the uniform jacket, and it is in like mint condition! dkr250  -  fns05

fns06 - Spange - Sildesalat, a strip that reveals your merits to the trained eye...I think I see the Iron Cross to the right?...This is stamped TZ and is in an excellent condition! dkr400  -  fns06

fns07 - A fine collection of 10 Kriegsmarine uniform buttons, incl. rare and spectular ones, most are marked! dkr950  -  fns07

fns08 - A fine collection of 4 Wehrmacht uniform buttons, incl. rare and spectular and even mint ones, and all different! dkr500  -   fns08

fns09 - WW2 Danish occupation, 2 stickers, one is King Chr.X and his slogan, and the other a satire on the vague, even somewhat doubtful Danish government  dkr100  -  fns09

fns10 - Samlet lot Attester, papirer etc. før, under og umiddelbart efter WW2:
Various certificates from before, during and right at the end of WW2.

Bescheinigung für Fahrschule - Driving license paper

Kriegsgefangenen Lagergeld 10rpf - POW camp money in a rare near mint condition!

NSV rejsekort - NSV travelling card

Prøvebevis for køreprøve - proof of driving test

Sparkasse i Danzig checkhæfte - Danzig checkbook

Tildeling af transportkommando i Rovigo - Order to transport command in Rovigo

Tildeling af transportkommando med hinweise - Another transportcommand with recommendation

Tildelingsmærke 5kg eisen - Ration card of 5kilos of iron

Führerschein udstedt i Oppeln - Driving license issued in Oppeln

postkort med soldatersang og foto af soldater i uniform - Postcard with uniformed soldiers singing...

Wehrmacht Führerschein - Wehrmacht driving license

Wehrpass (mangler nogle sider) - Wehrpass some pages missing, possibly to hide certain activities...

Deutsches Reich Reisepass - Passport

Deutschnationaler HV mitgliedbuch - Membership book from HV

Freiwilliger Arbeitsdienst - Voluntary work service


Attester, papirer etc. før og efter WW2 - Various certificates from before and during WW2.

Afnazificering indkaldelse 1 - Denazification 1. call

Afnazificering indkaldelse 2 - Denazification 2. call

Allied questionbook Fragebogen - Allied questionbook over war related activities

Arbeitsbefreiungszeugnis - Permit to avoid forced labour

Brev fra borgmester i Eschwege med gebyrmrk. - A fantastic letter from the Mayor of Eschwege

Brev med udtalelse om H.P.'s forhold - A letter stating that H.P. was a person who had not committed war crimes

Bundesgesetzblatt fra 1.april 1953

Discharge attester - discharge papers

DRK Suchdienst diverse - German Red Cross service to find missing persons

Flugansage u.a. interessante papirer - Papers to apply for flight permission

Flüchtling Vorläufiger Ausweis - Refugee temporary Pass

Flüchtlings Meldeschein 2 pcs. - 2 pcs. of refugee papers

Influx Deloused Pöppendorf 3 pcs. - Delousing papers

Krigsfangebreve 3 stks sendt fra Frankrig - 3 POW letters sent from France

Not-Kennkarte med udslebne nazistempler - ID card with 'removed swastika' stamps

Personlige kvitteringer etc. - Various personal receipts etc.

Rationeringsmærker stort antal ca.1927-1947 - Ration cards, numerous, from app.1929-1947

Reichsmeldepapier 1 med udslebet stempel - I can't translate the name of this type 'papier', but it has to do with the Allies wanting to know where you are...I think... This has the 'removed swastika' stamp 

Reichsmeldepapier 2 med Gemeinde stempel - I can't translate the name of this type 'papier', but it has to do with the Allies wanting to know where you are...I think... This has a 'Gemeinde' stamp 

Reichsmeldepapier 3 med rødt stempel - I can't translate the name of this type'papier', but it has to do with the Allied wanting to know where you are...I think. This has a red stamp 

Samlebilleder 2 pcs. stemplet - 2 'bubble gum' pictures, stamped

Skrivelse til Lagerleiter Priesner - A writing to 'Campleader Priesner

Svar på familiesøgning-Interessant! - Answer to 'find-family-seek', Interesting!

Telegrammer ubrugte fra UK-US Zone - Telegrams unused from UK-US Zone

Telegramomslag fra 1947 - Telegramwrap from 1947

Umquartierungsausweis med stempler - Again hard to translate, but has to do with permission to move to somewhere else...

Vorläufiger Umsiedler Ausweis - Again hard to translate, but has to do with permission to move to somewhere else...

Weltflüchtlingsjahr 1962 mærkat  -  a World Refugee Year sticker from 1962...

All these papers are one lot, and they all come from estate of Herr H. it all for dkr2500  -  fns10 - too many pics for now...I'll add later  or ask...
I have photos of pretty much everything, but don't wanna upload it's getting late...I'm tired...



Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler
 + dustjacket - original 1938 print...

Here's a pretty poorly written and scaringly paranoid book...about as untalented as A.H.'s paintings...
so the asked price is NOT reflecting the artistic level, but merely its rarity and quite supreme condition...

Zentralverlag Der NSDAP. Munchen / Munich 1938
Deutsch / In German
Gothic script 
Blue cloth with gilt swastika/eagle, all in excellent condition.
Excellent page edges, and very white pages.
With dust jacket showing some wear and tear.
No inscriptions or margin comments!
dkr2000....hey, a true find in this condition!



...Some stuff that came with the other things in this section, so I decided to list it here as well....

fns12  'Aus Wald Und Flur', 2 volumes, 'Tiere Unserer Heimat' and 'Pflanzen Unserer Heimat', both well worn but complete!
Issued in 1938 by Cigaretten Bilderdienst Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.  dkr275  -  fns12

fns13  'Der Weltkrieg' (WW1), issued by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Dresden 1, must be some time in the 1930's. Sadly picture #190
is missing, and some has small flaws, but still a quite unusual object, and finding the missing picture ought to be possible in these
internet times...On the first side is handwritten: 'Unserem liebe Arno von Onkel Walther u. Tante Karla'.  dkr150  -  fns13

fns14  'Die Welt Um Uns' - Der Neue Sammel-Atlas der Berliner Morgenpost. Issued by Ullstein 1956. Complete and decent
condition, spine is taped, but otherwise complete and quite rare!  dkr200  -  fns14

fns15 - A 'Kochgeschirr' (set of bowls etc. for eating, drinking etc.) - German WW2 original sets...some parts are marked HP, Priesner or Helmut Priesner! - seems to be complete! - dkr800  -   fns15

fns16  'Die Eroberung Der Luft' -  Issued by Garbáty Cigaretten in 1932. Complete and decent condition, quite rare!  
Die Eroberung der Luft. Bildersammlung der Garbáty Cigarettenfabrik Berlin-Pankow. Berlin-Pankow: Garbaty Cigarettenfabrik, (1932).
Zustand: gebraucht - dkr200  -  fns16

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