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fp001 - Beltbuckle in solid brass, weighing 78g - 50kr - fp001

fp002 - Belt de luxe for men, black 'croc' leather with golden lionbuckle, brandnew! 128cm, weighing app.140g - 150kr - fp002

fp003 - Portemonnaie, tiny old pouch embroidered or woven, with snaplock, weighing 8g, cute...for the modest household (-;  - old and more or less antique - 85kr - fp003

fp004 - Face anti pollution mask from Vietnam, good in fuming city gasses, weighing 8g - 25kr - fp004

fp005 - Hairbrush from 1950's in clear plastic...a timepiece! - 75kr, weighing 8g - fp005

fp006 - Hairtrimmer Alcoso Werk Solingen unused antique in professional quality...pricemarked kr22.50, being real money back is new-in-box! - weighing 230g - 250kr - fp006

fp007 - Handmirror 1950's Danish Design in palisander wood, tiny flaw in bottom of mirrorglas, weighing 200g - 175kr - fp007

fp008 - Handmirror 1950's plastic 'Made In China', excellent condition!, weighing 170g - 80kr - fp008

fp009 - Horsebrass antique from Afghanistan, very attractive i.e. as a beltbuckle, weighing 135g - 500kr - fp009

fp010 - Men's silkties, 2pcs., and genuine by Christian Dior og Yves Saint Laurent, fine condition!, weighing 100g - 150kr - fp010

fp011 - Optican ladie's sunglasses with +3.50 aspheric reading field, weighing 75g - 75kr - fp011

fp012 - Paillet embroidered female slippers, size?, but sole is 25cm (he-he about one foot!), weighing 250g - 100kr - fp012

fp013 - Pillbox silverlike with decorations, weighing 24g - 70kr - fp013

fp014 - 'Prada' soft suede/leather shoulderbag with zipper to close it, new or like new, weighing 425g - 375kr - fp014

fp015 - Scissors 3 different, all good or even professional makes, weighing 55g - 90kr - fp015

fp016 - Soviet Army belt buckle, all brass and not longer being made ;-) - weighing 82g - 125kr - fp016

fp017 - Spurs from 1950's, will look good with your Jodhpurs, weighing 180g - 150kr - fp017

fp018 - Sunglasses, antique and in excellent condition! - much rarer than regular glasses! Quite small in size, weighing 18g - 200kr - fp018

fp019 - WTC Ground Zero knitted cap with Twin Towers embroidery, Ground Zero and date, never used! - 250kr - fp019

All for now in this category, but it will be extended if I come across some interesting stuf...

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Please quote fp# if you want to order or have a question to ask...

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