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fs001 - Fatima's hand, antique silver made by the Berber Tribe from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, 4x3.3cm and weighs 4.4gram. Very old and beautiful! - 250kr - fs001

fs002 - Fingerring, antique silver made by the Berber Tribe from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, d=1.8cm and weighs 5.1gram. Very old and beautiful! - 250kr - fs002

fs003 - Fingerring, antique silver made by the Berber Tribe from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, d=2.1cm and weighs 4.7gram. Very old and beautiful! - 225kr - fs003

fs004 - Slavering, antique silver made by the Berber Tribe from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, 8x7cm and weighs 343.2gram (!). Very old, rare, historical, cruel and beautiful! 
more photos and informations available by request! - 4500kr - fs004

fs005 - Earring, antique silver made by the Berber Tribe from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, d=3.5cm and weighs 1.4gram. Very old and unusual! - 125kr - fs005

fs006 - Aum, sterling silver in leathernecklace , 2x1cm and it all weighs 3.3gram. Quite unusual! - 60kr - fs006

S fs007 - Ancient and antique beads, 11pcs including 4 very rare bin shaped millefiori. They weigh 28gram. - 175kr - fs007

fs008 - Ancient and antique beads, 40pcs including possibly ancient Egypt. They weigh 73gram. - 600kr - fs008

fs009 - Antique millefiori beads, 25pcs...a fine and unusual collection . They weigh 13gram. - 250kr - fs009

fs010 - Antique bone buttons(7) + 2 mother-of-pearl, 1 is turtle and also an old bone cufflink 11pcs...a fine little collection . They weigh 8gram. 2 were added after photo was taken - 110kr - fs010

fs011 - Brooch, high quality bijouterie, beautiful fish with 'diamond' eye and body in golden metal and enamel, 4x3cm, weighs 11.4gram. - 75kr - fs011

fs012 - Buddah pendant for necklace etc., 2x1.4cm and weighing 1.4gram. Looks antique to my eyes. - 60kr - fs012

fs013 - Diamonds - a very interesting little guide in Danish for the diamond dealer wannabe. 18x15cm, weight app.23gram, 8 page cardboard folder - 40kr - fs013

fs014 - Hairclip with 8 purple gemstones, 6.1cm and weighing 2gram. Unknown stones/metal. - 35kr - fs014

fs015 - Hatpins, all old, rare and very lovely, 7pcs. in different shapes and sizes and weighing 28gram. Collector's items! - 400kr - fs015

fs016 - Medaillon pendant with 3 green stones, for necklace etc., opens up and has two tiny 'frames' for photos or the like. 
2x2.2cm (closed), and weighing 4.1gram. Fine old or even antique rarity. - 75kr - fs016

fs017 - Amber necklace, 75cm and weighing 35gram. Attractivee rough polished high quality Danish amber. - 300kr - fs017

fs018 - Necklace, ball with 'diamonds' (one is missing) silver? - weighing 5.3gram. No stamps. - 20kr - fs018

fs019 - Necklace, 925 silver stamp, Ancient Egypt cartouche style seal, weighs 12.1gram. - 120kr - fs019

fs020 - 5 silverrings, Oriental, for ears (or nose?), d= 1-2cm, weighs 7gram. - 100kr - fs020

fs021 - Opals, 2pcs. triplet/duplet makes, great colorplay! d= -1cm, weighs gram/0.2gram. - 300kr - fs021

S fs022 - Necklace, pearls, possibly genuine but not dead sure, with 3 'diamonds' on lock - weighing 19gram. - 100kr - fs022

fs023 - Pendant in a chain, bone and brass, neat little flask with lid, 2x1.4cm and weighing 10.2gram. - 120kr - fs023

fs024 - Pendant in Markasit and sterling silver stamped HoHo 925S - with chain, weighs 28gram - 225kr - fs024

fs025 - Pendant in musselshape, nicely made from mother-of-pearl, weight 6gram - 35kr - fs025

fs026 - Pendant quartz, crystal or some other rockmaterial...very beautiful, weight 23gram - 45kr - fs026

fs027 - Petrified fungi aka mushrooms in neckchain, 2 different, genuine and +50 million years old - rare conversation pieces, weight 49gram - 350kr - fs027

fs028 - Various silver scrap 13.4g - 35kr - fs028

fs029 - Tibetan health armband...the constellation of various metals creates a magic magnetic field, 45g - 350kr - fs029

S fs030 - Tibetan brass buttons, 15 handmade pieces of older date, and rare today. 9 have buddhist swastika symbol, 3 with lotus flower, and 3 with the eternal Aum symbol. They all weigh 25g - 300kr - fs030

fs031 - Tieclips, 2pcs. without markings, weigh 13g - 25kr - fs031

fs032 - Tiny hand with very naughty fingers - charm in golden metal, weighs 0.2g - 25kr - fs032

fs033 - Tiny heart in sterling silver and one sided decorations, weighs 1.6g - 45kr - fs033

fs034 - Fingerrings, 14k gold, the type was said to be invented when a man had to go to war...he then disassembled the ring, and if his wife couldn't assemble it by his return, she had been unfaithful. 
The smaller diameter is 15.5mm and weighs 3.3g, the larger is 20mm and weighs 3.85g, the smaller was bought on Crete Island, Greece, and the larger in Istanbul, Turkey - 1700kr - fs034

fs035 - Tiny 14k goldchain, weighs 1.35g - 250kr - fs035

fs036 - 'Studenterhue' (Student's cap) sterling silver & enamel and a fine little earring (gold?) with 2 genuine pearls, total weight incl. plasticbox with name of goldsmith is app.10g - 250kr - fs036

fs037 - Zodiac 'Cancer' in sterling silver (stamped), one sided decoration, d=18mm and weighs 2.9g - 55kr - fs037

fs038 - Pendant or earring sterling silver with blue stone, stamped 925, weighs 2gram - 30kr - fs038

fs039 - Silverchain 'anchor' type, app.3ft or 73cm, weighs 13gram - 75kr - fs039

fs040 - Silverchain 'anchor' type, app.20cm, weighs 3.3gram - 25kr - fs040

fs041 - Various fingerrings 3 silver & 3 bonesnakes small defects, weight app. 3.4g - 35kr - fs041

fs042 - Earsticker shaped as a marihuanaleaf, not stamped but must be silver, 1x1cm and weighs barely 1g - 25kr - fs042

fs043 - Zodiac 'Lion' in sterling silver (stamped), two sided decorations, d=12mm and weighs 0.9g - 50kr - fs043

fs044 - Canada's national symbol, a mapleleaf-on-circle (silver?), stamped SC ST, d=15mm, weight 1.1g - 40kr - fs044

fs045 - Fingerring in shape of two hands, silver but I can't decipher the stamp, d=1.7cm adjustable weighs 1.9gram. - 75kr - fs045

fs046 - Silverthread 2pcs. in sterling quality, app.6ft/145cm each, total weight 27gram - 175kr - fs046

fs047 - Necklace with 109 handcarved bone, human skulls, app. 108cm long weighing 44gram - 750kr - fs047

fs048 - Human skull handcarved in bone - larger size, 3x2cm weighing 7.5g - 275kr - fs048

fs049 - Human skull handcarved in bone - tiny bead, h=15mm - similar to those on the fs047 necklace - 25kr - fs049

fs050 - Human skulls 5pcs. artistically handcarved in bone mediumsized beads, app.2x1cm and they all weigh 16g - 375kr - fs050

fs051 - Fatima's hand, large, silver or silverlike metal with red stone, 11x7cm weighing 27g - 35kr - fs051

fs052 - Health Amulet stamped '830S' so good silver, 3x3cm weighing 6g - 35kr - fs052

fs053 - Collar or necklace in bone and leather, 26cm long + strings to tie, African?, weighs 38g - 50kr - fs053

fs054 - Necklace with 'cartridge', the 'bullet' is made in agate looking stone material, l=3.7cm + chain, weighs 17g - 150kr - fs054

fs055 - Antique Marcasit buckle for a fine lady belt, 5x3cm weighing 15g - 275kr - fs055

fs056 - Necklace and earring from the Rainforest, extinct species of monkey and birds and possibly not legal according to the Washington decrete..x-rare! - Ex. famous Danish designer Carsten Henier,
d=32cm, total weight 22g  - 950kr - fs056

fs057 - Beautiful flintstone with a natural hole in a 60cm silver chain, it all weighs 15g - 85kr - fs057

fs058 - Antique bead, hexagonal cut in a gemstone material and decorated with a star and crescent, d=1.2cm, weighing 1g - 100kr - fs058

fs059 - Fingerring in good silver, d=2.5cm, weight 1.3g - 15kr - fs059

fs060 - Cap from old pocketwatch engraved with houses by a lake and a bridge in wreath of flowers, and has various numbers and marks on the backside. D=4m weighing 4.7g - 45kr - fs060

fs061 - I have no idea what these elastic strings are for, but there are 3 of them, and they are app.90cm each (unstretched), they all weigh 18g - 25kr - fs061

fs062 - Bracelet, looks like silver, the lock is somewhat defective. It is 25cm long and weighs 8g - 25kr - fs062

fs063 - Pendant, beautiful purple, looks like aquamarine, app.3x2cm and weighs 12.6g - 35kr - fs063

fs064 - Collar in leather and weaved Inuit beads. It was made for my dog in 1967 by Linda Lou (RIP), and is 35cm long, weighing 23g - 150kr - fs064

fs065 - Rings, locks etc., 3pcs for jewel makers, they weigh 1.2g - 5kr - fs065

fs066 - Parrots, pair in handcarved and handpainted wood. Would make cute and exotic earrings! They weigh 5g - 45kr - fs066

fs067 - 9 colorful birds, realisticly handpainted in ceramic material, weigh 35g - 100kr - fs067

fs068 - Necklace string with a clasp, meant to hold a jewel, a nice rock or the like, l=45cm, weight 3g - 5kr - fs068


Please refer to fs# if ordering or requesting information on an item, thank you!

E-mail: job(@) - please remove the antispam (@) brackets