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fsd001 - 20 cigarettes in an unopened pack from Vietnam - 'Dalat' - well kept for several years, though probably no longer suitable for smoking,
but merely to be kept as an unusual collectible item. It weighs app. 20gram - 35kr - fsd001

S fsd002 - Carlsberg Beer collectible glasses, 4pcs. in giftbox all with logo print and holding 32cl. All new but was stored for several dimensions 15x15x17cm and weighs 850gram - 100kr - fsd002

fsd003 - An unusual and very elegant tool for fetching wine out of a barrel, in order to taste and test the qualities. The length is 53cm(!), and it's stainless steel with palisander grip. It weighs 135gram - 350kr - fsd003

fsd004 - North State Cigarettes, 50pcs. blue tin box - Made in Denmark licensed by Brown & Williamson, Louisville, Kentucky USA app. 15x12x2cm weighing 105gram - 125kr - fsd004

S fsd005 - North State Cigarettes, 50pcs. yellow tin box - Made in Denmark licensed by Brown & Williamson, Louisville, Kentucky USA app. 15x12x2cm weighing 110gram - 125kr - fsd005

fsd006 - State Express '555' Cigarettes, 50pcs. 'gold' tin box  'Purveyors of fine Tobacco' 210 Piccadilly, London W.1 - By appointment Ardath Tobacco co. Ltd.
Manufacturers to H.M. King George VI - app. 15x11x1½cm, and weighing app. 90gram  - 125kr - fsd006

fsd007 - 'Zippo' original USA made standard type plain stainless steel lighter in excellent condition - 100kr - fsd007

fsd008 - Prince Albert Crimp Cut, fine and cute old oval tobacco tin box by Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston, Salem N.C. USA, 11x8½cm and weighs 54gram, 'Process Patented July 30th. 1907' - 125kr - fsd008

fsd009 - Beer/Bottle openers, all brass and 5 different; the upper two are marked MOD. DEP, lower right and left have no marks, and the lower mid, being a horsehead and horseshoe is marked WS C730H...
the lengths are from 9 to 14cm, and the total weight is 410gram - 125kr - fsd009

fsd010 - Butane lighter, standard sized and is marked 'Caines' on both weighs 48gram - 35kr - fsd010

fsd011 - French government issued guide in Danish language on how to enjoy's from app. 1950 and in good condition with a small split. It is a four panelled folder/8 pages and measures 18x11cm folded...
Vintage wine guide until 1949...rarity weighing app. 12gram...if the aim was to teach Danes drinking and enjoying wine instead of beer it was certainly very successful! - 75kr - fsd011

fsd012 - Piperack in Danish Design teakwood holding 6 pipes. It's marked TEAK ESA DENMARK and probably from early 1960's. It is 28cm and weighs 200gram - 175kr - fsd012

fsd013 - Meerschaum pipe with carved sultan head and (possibly) amber mouthpiece. L=12cm and weighs 25gram - 175kr - fsd013

fsd014 - Meerschaum pipe, very fine old pipe with amber mouthpiece. L=11cm and weighs 35gram - 250kr - fsd014

fsd015 - Meerschaum pipe carved sultan head and no mouthpiece. H=5cm and weighs 18gram - 125kr - fsd015

fsd016 - Meerschaum pipe with carved as a human skull with long wooden mouthpiece. L=29cm and weighs 35gram - 275kr - fsd016

fsd017 - 'LADY' Old Briar, fine little pipe with a clover on the mouthpiece. L=14cm and weighing 18gram - 50kr - fsd017

fsd018 - 'Lommelærke' high quality pocket flask in stainless steel, quite small, holds app. 18cl. and measures weighs app. 140gram - 80kr - fsd018

fsd019 - Butane lighter in steel 'Bikini Girl' very tasteful design with boobs and pussy glowing red when activated. H=8cm, weight 51gram - 50kr - fsd019

fsd020 - Butane lighter in steel, very slim design, H=8cm, weight 36gram - 30kr - fsd020

fsd021 - Skjold Burne 'Den Med Tyren' 1950's trademark for (in)famous cheap Spanish wine. These little plastic bulls were attached to each bottle
they are a couple of centimeters and weigh next to nothing - a funny and unusual little 'timepiece' - 30kr - fsd021

fsd022 - Matches from interesting places. One is from famous Danish gourmet 5star 'Falsled Kro', the three next are all from USA, one is 'Millenium Hotels and Resorts'
one is from 'Hotel Richelieu' in French Quarter of New Orleans, and the fourth is from 'B.B. King Blues Club and Grill' in New York City. They weigh 24 gram - 25kr - fsd022

fsd023 - Bottle opener in aluminum from 'Arbejdernes Landsbank' in Denmark. L=6½cm and weighs 8gram - 20kr - fsd023

fsd024 - Bottle opener from 'Svendborg Værft A/S' a shipyard in Denmark. 8½x5½cm and weighs 29gram - 30kr - fsd024

fsd025 -
Meerschaum pipe - gigantic carved sultan head with ivory shaft. L=45cm, weight app. 250gram...not the least...the ivory is restricted and wicked valuable! - 2500kr - fsd025

fsd026 - Fantastic and very rare antique pipe from Persia (Iran) - it has a huge brass head, and a long decorated wooden shaft. The pipe is 38cm long and weighs 250gram  - 1800kr - fsd026

fsd027 - Smaller Persian pipe - a very rare and quite fantastic antique piece. It has a brass head, decorated wooden shaft with a silver cuff and a mouthpiece in some kind of stone, alabaster or marble
this pipe is 26cm long, and weighs 160gram - 1300kr - fsd027

fsd028 - Pipe in 'oriental silver' shaped like a funny elephant, L=23cm, weight app. 35gram - 250kr - fsd028

S fsd029 - Old opium pipe in wood and metal...the metal parts are shaped like various strange animals - it is 19cm long, and weighs app. 26gram - 200kr - fsd029

W fsd030 - Antique pipe wit brasshead. It is Turkish-Osmannic, and 22cm long, weighing app. 30gram - 350kr - fsd030

fsd031 - Antique oriental pipe - this type was used for smoking opium! It has a fine metal head and mouthpiece. L=31cm and weighs 50gram - 300kr - fsd031

fsd032 - Antique silverpipe with an amber mouthpiece. L=12cm and weighing 8½gram - 450kr - fsd032

S fsd033 - Antique pipehead in brass - beautiful and rare Turkish-Osmannic...quite small it measures app. weighs app. 10gram - 250kr - fsd033

fsd034 - Clay pipe - antique toypipe perhaps for blowing soapbubbles. It is yellow and shaped like a lion. L=7cm, weight 8½gram - 80kr - fsd034

fsd035 - Clay pipe - antique toypipe perhaps for blowing soapbubbles. It is blue and has a metal lid as well as a hardly visible repair. L=8½cm, weight 14½gram - 50kr - fsd035

fsd036 - Clay pipehead of the 'Nargileh' type in red clay...they were used for hashish smoking and is Turkish. L=5½cm, weight 36gram - 100kr - fsd036

fsd037 - Ancient pipehead from Turkey - an archaelogical item. L=4.6cm and weighs 20gram - 500kr - fsd037

fsd038 - Antique oriental pipe - this type was used for smoking opium! It is a fine metal head and mouthpiece - no shaft (photo has a pencil for illustration only! L=4½ and 6½cm and weighs 20gram - 225kr - fsd038

fsd039 - Cigarette holder made from wood, brandnew unused oldie, and it is German. L=7½cm and it weighs 5.3gram - 30kr - fsd039

fsd040 - Very old claypipe fragment from the 1600's King Christian IV days - I found it during excavations in the Copenhagen 'Nyboder' area. L=5½cm, weight app. 7gram - 200kr - fsd040

fsd041 - Wine/Bottle opener
. This is a professional waiter's tool in stainless also has a foil cutter built-in - it is 11cm long(closed) and weighs 82gram  - 100kr - fsd041

fsd042 - Camel matches - a couple of matches were used! - it is from 1996 and weighd 2½gram - 5kr - fsd042

fsd043 - 2 Coasters from 'Brauerei Grasser' in Huppendorf, weight 14gram - 5kr - fsd043

fsd044 - Linie Akvavit - 6 solid cardboard coasters plus infos, they weigh app. 30gram - 10kr - fsd044

fsd045 - Striking steel 'Strygestaal' - an antique prerunner to modern lighters, measuring 5x3cm, and weighing app. 30gram - 250kr - fsd045

- all for now, but maybe more  to come!

Don't forget referring to the fsd# in case you want to order or make an inquiry, thank you!