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Doll's house stuff for sale...HERE!

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ftoys001 - 'Whistle' kettel in red aluminum marked 'SIGG' (see photo!), with 'gasburner'. The whistle is in the partly wooden kettlenose, it is detachable and not working/whistling. A fine and rare old toy!
 The kettle is app.9cm in diameter and weighs 50g, the gasburner weighs app.125g - 225kr - ftoys001

ftoys002 - Kitchenstove for firewood 205x125x133mm with 2 pots, 1 kettel and a pan with lid. The stove has a hatch, and I'm quite convinced, that the toy is actually meant to be fired up with small burners or perhaps we 
would try with tealights nowadays, however, I will not recommend doing so, but regard it as an old and lovely decoration. It all weighs app. 1.3kg! - 600kr - ftoys002

ftoys003 - Citroen 2CV, grey, Made In France by Norev No.6 ECH 1:86, weighs 15.5g, vintage toy in excellent shape! - 175kr - ftoys003

ftoys004 - Citroen 2CV6, red with ducks, Made In Germany by HERPA, HO scale, weighs 2.7g, rare 'ente' in excellent shape! - 125kr - ftoys004

ftoys005 - 'Jafar' Disney China GG05 authorized figurine with button function to spread arms. 12cm tall, it weighs 38g - 85kr - ftoys005

ftoys006 - Fine 'Provence style' doll's chair handmade in wood with woven seat, 16x8cm weighing 90g - 80kr - ftoys006

ftoys007 - Gjl troll 10cm, genuine vintage troll, weighing app.36g and really cute! - 75kr - ftoys007

ftoys008 - Irma Coffee puzzle, 3pcs. Camel and rider, dice and elephant from 1950's, weighing 26g - 225kr - ftoys008

ftoys009 - 'Irma' veteran delivery truck by Kees, from 1980's, perfect, weighs 84g - 250kr - ftoys009

ftoys010 - Lead soldier parachutist WW2 (U)nion of (South) Africa under base, very old! - weighs 12g - 60kr - ftoys010

ftoys011 - Lego streetlight in plastic, from 1950's, trace of glue under base, 4.6cm, weighs 3g - 40kr - ftoys011

ftoys012 - Mercedes 300SL 'Gullwing', metal body with effecient friction motor, Made in China, weighing 111g - 75kr - ftoys012

ftoys013 - Mercedes Benz 'C' class E320, metal body, 6cm long, weighs 20g - 40kr - ftoys013

ftoys014 - Old metal keys for ice or rollerskates and a smaller for a mechanical toy - 1950's, weighs 25g - 35kr - ftoys014

ftoys015 - Pistol with real cartridges all in miniature size, weighs 16g - 150kr - ftoys015

ftoys016 - Preiser 8207, arabs, handpainted modelfigures, family and accessories, size 1:43, weighs 17g, rare! - 275kr - ftoys016

ftoys017 - Spinning top - 'snurretop' in Wenge wood with bonetip, wonderfully handcrafted, in tiny basket with lid, from Africa, 12g - 150kr - ftoys017

ftoys018 - Iron on stand, black lead, neat antique toy in immaculate shape, weighing app.300g - 200kr - ftoys018

ftoys019 - Stuka's x6 - Hawker Tempest x12 - Me262 x1, 19 superbly assembled and decorated plasticmodels in microsize, highly detailed, but some decals are gone, and they are a bit 'dusty'; dust must be removed 
with a very soft and delicate brush! They are very fragile, and can not be guaranteed in mail, so I'd prefer to sell to a buyer who can pick them up personally. They weigh 250g, boxed as I store them now! - 425kr - ftoys019

ftoys020 - Tin soldier green, antique! h=5cm, weighing 9g - 50kr - ftoys020

ftoys021 - H.M.S 'Dainty', shipmodel in microsize! - M773 Minic, Made in England by Tri-ang, 10cm, the guns can be turned, it's metal and weighs 16g - 100kr - ftoys021

And maybe more to come...who knows what I may come across?

Dolls for sale...HERE!
Doll's house stuff for sale...HERE!

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