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ftr01 Gribskov Turistkort, a wonderful used old map 1:20000 by Geodætisk Institut 1946. - dkr. 100 - ftr01

ftr02 Turistkort, 2 wonderful used old maps of N.V./S.V. SJÆLLAND 1:100000 by Geodætisk Institut 1943. - dkr. 150 - ftr02

ftr03 4 wonderful used old Archaeologicalmaps of N.V.(1947)/S.V.(1947)/N.Ø(1953)./S.Ø.(1948) SJÆLLAND 1:100000 
by Geodætisk Institut and the National Museum, all in pretty amazing condition considering their age. - dkr. 275 - ftr03

ftr04 'Nyt Færdselskort #7', roadmap of Fyn from 1950, 1:150000, old and used and has a flaw (small missing piece),
but still a quite rare piece of history by Geodætisk Institut. - dkr. 75 - ftr04

ftr05 Map of Bornholm from 1939 by Geodætisk Institut 'Generalstabskort Blad 66' 1:100000, real nice and rare! - dkr. 200 - ftr05

ftr06 Map of Denmark/Silkeborg #1214 by Geodætisk Institut 1978, 1:100000. - dkr. 30 - ftr06 

ftr07 Map of Denmark/Hillerød #1514 by Geodætisk Institut 1976, 1:100000. - dkr. 30 -  ftr07

ftr08 Map of Denmark by Shell Touring Service 1978, no year, but quite old and quite worn! 1:570000. - dkr. 10 -  ftr08

ftr09 Map of Denmark by Dansk Røde Kors no year but I guess 1970's, 1:505000. - dkr. 10 - ftr09

ftr10 Various material on Christiansborg Castle, 2 Copenhagen City maps from 1997, 2 slightly different maps of
Frederiksberg Kommune mid 1970's, one of Helsingør Kommune app. 1977, and one of Ishøj Kommune 1978. Also
3 guides of Christianshavn, Frederiksstaden and Langelinie. All from excellent to decent condition, but they
are not new! - dkr. 50 -  ftr10 

ftr11 Norway, 2 old/older maps, 1 is app. 1958, the other is Printed by Ravenstein in 1967. - dkr. 70 -  ftr11

ftr12 Sweden, 4 maps, Sydsverige, Skåne etc. by Esselte 1:300000 from 1979, one is from 1972 by Schering AG 1972 
print by Ravenstein 1:1500000, a very fine citymap of Halmstad by Generalstabens Litografiske Anstalt (+
itinerary HHGB 'Grisen' 23.maj-25.september 1971 with a bit of ballpen!), and a citymap of Lund by Stads-
ingeniøren 1975 1:10000 very detailed! - dkr. 100 -  ftr12

ftr13 Germany 3 maps, one is Michelin #987 and also has BeNeLux/Austria 1:1000000, big and from app. 1985(?), one
is 2 sided 1:1000000 (North/South) and isssued by Schering AG app. 1960's(?), the 3rd. is by Merian 2002 and
is 1:250000. - dkr. 80 -  ftr13

ftr14 Austria - Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Gläser's Wanderkarte from 1970's in 1:25000 (very detailed!) - dkr. 100 -  ftr14

ftr15 Switzerland by Swiss Bank Corporation, printed by Kümmerly & Frey app. 1968. It is split in 2 pieces
along a fold, but nicely detailed 1:600000. - dkr. 30 -  ftr15

ftr16 UK, Bartholomew's Duplex map of London 1:253440 from 1957. Neat old map with one side for 'motorists', and
one side with tourist attractions. - dkr. 80 -  ftr16

ftr17 Spain, Baleares being Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, 1976/1977 edition by Hallwag in 1:175000. - dkr. 30 -  ftr17

ftr18 Italy - Sicily, Taormina citymap from 1982, a bit of 'ballpen' otherwise real fine condition. Very detailed,
but no actual scale informations. - dkr. 20 -  ftr18

ftr19 UAE (United Arab Emirates) - 2 maps, one has Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Fujairah and Muscat.
The othe map has Dubai-Sharjah. App. early 1980's but no informations whatsoever. - dkr. 80 -  ftr19

ftr20 Turkey 2 maps. One is #885 by Ravenstein 1973 1:1600000, other is a citymap of Istanbul 1:28000 from 1974. 
Both are used and show some wear, but still absolutely decent condition. - dkr. 60 -  ftr20

ftr21 North Africa by Freytag & Berndt 1:2000000, incl Spain and parts of Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. No year of
production, but I guess 1970's. - dkr. 40 -  ftr21

ftr22 France 3 maps. One by Schering AG 1:500000, 2-sided and no year of print given. Another is by Kümmerly & Frey
1:1000000 and well used, no year of issue but I guess 1960's. The a citymap of Paris 'Monumental' 
1:17500 (detailed!) it also has a map of the Metro system inserted. - dkr. 50 -  ftr22

ftr23 Maps of Greece(1) and Crete - Kreta(3). One is a small book with detailed maps of each district incl. maps of
archaeological sites etc. 1:250000, no year but app. 1980's(?). Another is a Roadmap and Guide, nice oblong,
easy to use, signs of wear but very decent condition - non year of printing given, but I guess 1990's(?)
3rd. is 'Die Generalkarte' 1:150000 by Marco Polo 1998. The 4th. is a map of Greece 1:1250000, writing on
cover but the map is perfect - no year given, but must be 1990's(?) - dkr. 80 -  ftr23

ftr24 USA 4 items/maps. One is 'Turen Går Til New York', Politikens Rejsehåndbog 28, printed in 1968 (pre WTC!) in
very fine used condition. 3x RandNcNally maps, 1) Connecticut & Rhode Island, 2) Delaware & Maryland, and 
Virginia & West Virginia, all copyrighted in 1992 and in excellent condition after +20 years. - dkr. 60 -  ftr24

ftr25 USSR - CCCP Soviet maps and material. One is 'Sovjetskij Sojuz - Western Soviet Union 1:2000000, Ravenstein
#896 Road Map 1976 in very good condition, next 3 are tourist brochures on Leningrad from 1970's or 1980's. - dkr. 200 -  ftr25

ftr26 Wagons Lits - L'oiseau Bleu Train, unused postcard reprint of old famous poster. - dkr. 10 -  ftr26

ftr27 WTC New York 'Twin Towers', unused postcard from 1990's. - dkr. 30 -  ftr27

ftr28 3 unused postcards from Sicily 1981, all depicting ancient Roman mosaics, the famous 'Bikini Girl' and 2 hunting
scenes. - dkr. 30 -  ftr28

ftr29 Germany, Berlin, 2 unused postcards of really supercool and fantastic 'trompe l'oie' housefronts from 1990's. - dkr. 30 -  ftr29

ftr30 Rodos, Greece, unused postcard with The Palace of the Knights, bw from 1950's. Not miscolored just a bad photo by me. - dkr. 30 -  ftr30

ftr31 France, very early ticket/reservation for the TGV train from Dijon to Paris, October 2.-1981. - dkr. 30 -  ftr31

ftr32 Crete - Kreta, 7 postcards (6 different) from Argyropoli (ancient Lappa), local motifs, old Greek and Roman. - dkr. 35 -  ftr32

ftr33 USA/Sweden - Swedish-American Line, very interesting material relating to M/S GRIPSHOLM Departure Sep.27-1957 at
10.00A.M. - all mint and unused condition. - dkr. 100 -  ftr33

ftr34 India, KHAJURAHO Temple, little book with 60 photos of 1000 year old erotic sculptures, plus 7 unused postcards
(4 different) from erotic temples in Madhya Pradesh...they weigh 170gram. 
The 9th to 12th century temples of Khajuraho is the evidences of the architectural geniuses 
during the times of Chandela dynasty. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, India, Khajuraho oozes 
with passion, eroticism, dance and music and other finesses of creative arts depicted in 
sculpture and images of the temples. The 85 temples were built in North Indian 'Nagara' 
style of architecture, though only 20 of them have survived the rough weather conditions 
over long years of time. The two richer distinctive groups of temples are the Western and 
Eastern group of temples.
Temple town of Khajuraho is much different from any other temple city of India. It is not 
about religion and worshipping and deities. The temples of Khajuraho are instead famous 
for the eroticism etched on its walls in the form of sculptures. An amalgamation of 
science and art of architecture, these 10th-11th century temples have a very interesting 
legend behind them that connects them to the origin of Chandela dynasty. It is said that 
in a fit of passion and lust, the Moon God seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl 
known as Hemvati, resulting in the birth of Chandravarman (the founder of the Chandela 
dynasty). Later, Chandravarman had a dream where his mother requested him to make a temple, 
which would reveal all aspects of the treasure of passion and erotic fantasy to the world.

Location: In Madhya Pradesh, India. - dkr. 300 -  ftr34

ftr35 Masks for keeping out light when sleeping on airplanes, in buses, in trains etc. 11 from various airlines, some
with earphones, earplugs etc. - dkr. 50 -  ftr35