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S fvb001  Guitar Slim Well I Done Got Over It/The Things That I Used To Do, Specialty SP482 (7" single, USA app. 1950's?) vg+ or better 100kr.  fvb001

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b002  Lightnin Hopkins 7" EP, Storyville SEP416 (UK 1960's) m/m- 150kr.  fvb002

b003  James Cotton Part Time Lover/Here I Am Knocking At Your Door, Rare! - Obtained at June 1982 concert (concert infos in Danish included), Backroom U-86454 (7" single, USA) -/m- 150kr.  fvb003

b004  Junior Parker 7" EP, Charly CEP104 (UK), rare 1976 compilation issued in 1976 vg+/vg+ 150kr.  fvb004

b005  Junior Wells 2000 Come On In This House/Little By Little, All Points 432-37/38 (7" single, USA 1960's), produced by Mel London -/m- 120kr.  fvb005

b006  Sonny Boy Williamson II ByeByeBird/Help Me, Chess AR50000 app. 1959 - red vinyl - 7" single, Swedish issue in quite simple photo coverfront vg/vg, x-extremely rare! 1000kr.  fvb006

b007  Sonny Boy Williamson II 7" EP, an extremely rare and famous 1963 private Danish production, with coverart by Klaus Albrectsen, Collectors Special CS100 m/vg+ 600kr.  fvb007

b008  Sonny Boy Williamson II legendary 1965 7" EP Chess CRE6001 (UK) vg/vg or better 200kr.  fvb008

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b009  Sonny Boy Williamson II One Way Out/Nine Below Zero Checker 1003 (7" single, USA 1961 white label - promo? - Rare!). -/vg+ 175kr  fvb009

b010  SonnyTerry 6 track 33rpm 7" EP, Riverside SE-2055 (USA 1950's or early 1960's very unusual issue). m-/m 200kr  fvb010

b011  Billy Boy Arnold/LittleWalter Superharps 33rpm 7" EP, Red Lightning RLEP 0027 (UK 1979), rare issue with 1967/1977's  recordings. m-/m- 150kr  fvb011

b012  Allison, Luther Rich Man Fat LP 6 S 1988 m/m 100kr Imp.  fvb012

b013  Armstrong, Louis Plays W.C.Handy Philips B 07038 NL 1955 m/vg+ 250kr - Rare in this condition..  fvb013

b014  Arnold, Billy Boy Checkin' It Out RedLightnin' RL 0024 UK 1979 m-/m- 120kr With Tony McPhee a.o.  fvb014

b015  Arnold, Billy Boy Sinner's Prayer RedLightnin' RL 0014 UK 1976 vg+/m- 120kr Recorded 1970, remixed 1974, possibly original release.  fvb015

b016  Baldry, Long John It Ain't Easy Warner 1921 USA 1971 vg/m- 200kr Green label. With Aleck 'Rice' Miller (SBW II).  fvb016

b017 Balfa Brothers Play More Traditional Cajun Swallow LP 6019 USA 1966 m/m- 200kr - Original Louisiana label.  fvb017

018  Berry, Chuck Back In The USA Vintage F 50009 D na m/m 50kr Compilation of rare cuts on budget label.  fvb018

b019   Berry, Chuck Bio Chess 50043 USA 1973 co/m 200kr Fold-out cover.  fvb019  

020   Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits Chess CH-1485 USA 1975 co/vg+ 150kr Reissue of 1964 lp. Simulated stereo.  fvb020

b021  Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Good AllRoundTrading AR 31013 D na m/m 50kr Compilation of very good titles on budget label .  fvb021

b022   Borum, Memphis Willie Introducing Memphis Willie Borum Prestige/Bluesville 1034 USA 1961 vg+/m- 200kr.  fvb022

b023   Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts Alias Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs Sonet SNTF 630 UK 1972 vg+/vg+ 200kr.  fvb023

024  Broonzy, Big Bill Portraits In Blues Vol.2 Storyville SLP 154 UK na vg/vg 200kr.  fvb024

025  Brown, Clarence Gatemouth San Antonio Ballbuster RedLightnin' RL 0010 UK 1974 vg+/m- 120kr Probably later pressing. 40's-50's monaural recordings.  fvb025

026  Burdon, Eric Guilty MGM SE 4791 USA 1971 m-/vg 200kr Plays very near vg+. With Jimmy Witherspoon.  fvb026

027  Burdon, Eric (& The Animals) Live at a-Go-Go (w.Sonny Boy Williamson) Fontana 9294 903 D na vg+/vg+ 150kr Unusual Attention! series issue from early 70's.  fvb027

028  Butterfield Blues Band In My Own Dream Elektra EKS 74025 USA 1968 m/m 350kr Gold label.  fvb028

029  Butterfield Blues Band Keep On Moving Elektra EKS 74053 D 1969 vg+/vg 100kr Gold label,, but wear.  fvb029

030  Butterfield Blues Band The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw Elektra EKS 74015 USA 1967 m/m- 300kr Gold label..  fvb030

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031  Butterfield, Paul Better Days Bearsville BR 2119 CAN 1973 vg+/vg 120kr Incl. poster,, but wear.  fvb031

032  Butterfield, Paul North South Bearsville BRK 6995 USA 1981 m-/m 200kr Promotional issue.  fvb032

033  Butterfield, Paul/Little Walter An Offer You Can't Refuse RedLightnin' R 008 UK na m-m 100kr Re of 1972 lp, with 1963 recordings. One side each artist.  fvb033

034  Butterfield Blues Band, The Paul The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Elektra EKS 7294 UK 1965 m-/m 300kr USA cover, UK vinyl as original UK issue. on orange label.Rare!.  fvb034

035  Canned Heat Hooker 'n' Heat (disc1 of 2) Liberty LST 35002 DK 1971 vg+/m- 350kr USA cover, DK vinyl as original DK issue. Price for 2lp set.  fvb035
036  Canned Heat Hooker 'n' Heat (disc2 of 2) Liberty LST 35002 DK 1971 vg+/m- NB! USA cover, DK vinyl as original DK issue. Price for 2lp set.  fvb036

037  Charles Ford Band The Charles Ford Band Arhoolie 4005 USA 1972 m/vg+ 100kr Hardly audible scratch side 2, otherwise mint. Re of 1972 lp.  fvb037

038  Charles, Ray Goin' Down Slow TobaccoRoad B 2590 D na m/m 80kr Interesting R&B material on budget label.  fvb038

039  Charles, Ray Rare Tracks TobaccoRoad B 2588 D na m/m 80kr Interesting R&B material on budget label.  fvb039

040  Charles, Ray What Is Life TobaccoRoad B 2592 D na m/m 80kr Interesting R&B material on budget label.  fvb040

041  Clapton, Eric Big Boss Man Masters 12784 NL na m/m 50kr Budget label. With Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Probably rare tracks.  fvb041

b042  Damernes Magasin Mood Indigo Apollon ALPS 1119 DK 1980 m-/vg+ 150kr Danish band w. Kenn Lending a.o.  fvb042  

b043  Davies, Cyril Cyril Davies & His Rhythm & Blues All Stars PRT PRT 12P UK na m/m 200kr Subtitled: Country Line Special. 12" 45rpm. 1963 recordings. Excellent sound.  fvb043

b044  Davis, Blind John Live In Hamburg TobaccoRoad B 2566 D na m/m 50kr Rare tracks on budget label.  fvb044

b045  Davis, Rev.Gary Ragtime Guitar Transatlantic TRA 244 UK 1971 vg+/vg+ 200kr Probably original.  fvb045

046  Delta Blues Band No Overdubs KongPære KPLP 4 DK 1979 vg/m 200kr Danish band.Titled : Delta Blues Band With Billy Cross.  fvb046

047  Delta Blues Band Slide Medley MDLP 6178 NL 1984 m-/m 100kr Danish band.  fvb047

048  Delta Cross Band Rave On Medley MDLP 6031 ? 1979 m-/m 150kr Danish band.  fvb048

049  Delta Cross Band Up Front Medley MDLP 6065 ? 1981 m-/m 150kr Danish band.  fvb049

050  Diddley, Bo Super Super Blues Band Chess CH 9169 USA 1984 m/m 150kr Re of 1968 lp.With Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.  fvb050

051  Diddley, Bo Sweet Home Chicago TobaccoRoad B 2631 D na m/m 80kr Interesting tracks on budget label. Different backings.  fvb051

052  Diddley, Bo The London Bo Diddley Sessions Chess CH 50029 USA 1973 vg+/m- 200kr.  fvb052

053  Diestelmann, Stefan Folk Blues Band Amiga 8 55 633 GDR 1978 vg+/vg+ 250kr With Memphis Slim.  fvb053

054  Diestelmann, Stefan Hof Musik Amiga 8 55 793 GDR 1980 vg+/m- 250kr.  fvb054

055  Dixon, Willie Catalyst Ovation OVQD 1433 USA 1973 co/m- 350kr Very rare quadraphonic pressing.  fvb055

056  Douglas, K.C. K.C.'s Blues Prestige/Bluesville 1023 USA 1961 vg/m 300kr Monaural.  fvb056

057  Dupree, Champion Jack Door To Door Blues TobaccoRoad B 2624 D na m/m 50kr Probably 70's liverecordings on budget label.  fvb057

058  Dupree, Champion Jack When You Feel The Feeling You Was Feeling BlueHorizon 7-63206 UK 1968 vg/vg- 150kr Scratched, but plays near vg.  fvb058

059  Eaglin, Snooks Blues From New Orleans Vol.2 Storyville SLP 140 S na vg+/vg+ 150kr Probably early reissue. Eaglin, Fird Blind Snooks.  fvb059

060  Eaglin, Snooks Portraits In Blues Vol.1 Storyville SLP 146 S F na vg/vg+ 250kr Probably early 60's. Eaglin, Fird Blind Snooks.  fvb060

Fessor's Session Boys Feeling Good Storyville SLP 426 S 1981 m-/m 150kr With Champion Jack Dupree a.o.  fvb061

Fuller, Jesse Jazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals & Blues GoodTimeJazz L-12031 USA 1958 vg+/m- 300kr Possibly/probably original pressingfvb062

Fulsom, Lowell In A Heavy Bag Jewel LPS 5003 USA 1972 co/m 500kr Rare! Lowell Fulsonfvb063

Fulsom, Lowell Tramp Kent KEP 5020 USA 1962 vg/vg 300kr Monaural. Plays vg+. Lowell Fulsonfvb064

Fulson, Lowell Chess Blues Masters (disc 1) Chess 6641 541 UK 1982 m/m 200kr Disc 1 of 2. Compilation of 1955-62 recordings. 2lp's. Price for 2lp set. Lowell Fulsom
Fulson, Lowell Chess Blues Masters (disc 2) Chess 6641 541 UK 1982 m/m NB! Disc 2 of 2. Compilation of 1955-62 recordings. 2lp's. Price for 2lp set. Lowell Fulsom

fvb066  Fulson, Lowell Hung Down Head Chess BRP 2031 I 1982 m/m 100kr Re of 1957 lp. Lowell Fulsom.  fvb066

fvb067  Goldberg, Barry And Friends Harvey Mandel-Mike Bloomfield RecordMan CR-5105 USA 1972 vg/vg+ 250kr Side 1 near mint. 

  fvb068  Goldberg, Barry Blues Band Blowing My Mind Epic BN 26199 USA 1966 m/m 500kr Very rare in this condition.  fvb068  

fvb069  Goldberg, Barry Reunion There's No Hole In My Soul Buddah BDS 5012 USA 1968 co/m- 250kr.  fvb069

fvb070  Goldberg, Barry... And Two Jews Blues Buddah BDS 5029 USA 1969 co/m- 300kr With Mike Bloomfield a.o..  fvb070

fvb071  Guy, Buddy Breaking Out JSP 1017 UK 1980 m/m 120kr Studio recordings. 

fvb072  Guy, Buddy Buddy & The Juniors BlueThumb BTS-20 USA 1970 co/m- 300kr With Junior Wells and Mance. Near mint but one or two clicks.  fvb072

fvb073  Guy, Buddy I Was Walking Through The Woods Chess LP-409 USA 1968 m-/m 250kr Blue label, red-white-blue lettering. Stereo issue app. 1970.  fvb073

fvb074  Guy, Buddy Left My Blues In San Francisco Chess LPS 1527 USA 1968 m/m 350kr. 

fvb075  Guy, Buddy The Dollar Done Fell JSP 1009 UK 1980 m/m 120kr Live recordings.  fvb075

fvb076  Guy, Buddy This Is Buddy Guy Vanguard VSD 79290 USA 1968 m/m 350kr Gold label.  fvb076

fvb077  Hammond, John Big City Blues Vanguard VSD 79153 USA 1964 m/m- 400kr.  fvb077

fvb078  Hammond, John So Many Roads Vanguard VSD 79178 USA 1965 m/m 500kr With many interesting names.  fvb078

fvb079  Hammond, John Source Point CBS 64265 UK 1971 vg+/vg+ 200kr 1. press. 

fvb080  Harris, Shakey Jake Good Times Prestige/Bluesville BL 1008 USA 1959 vg+/vg 300kr Monaural. Scratches but yet ok.  fvb080

fvb081  Hoeke, Rob Rhythm & Blues And Boogie Woogie CNR 655 290 NL 1989 m/m 50kr Subtitled: 25 Years. 

fvb082  Hooker, John Lee Blues Before Sunrise Bulldog BDL 1011 UK na m-/vg 60kr Probably 60's pressing. Vinyl is M but very poorly manufactured. 

fvb083  Hooker, John Lee Boogie Chillun (disc 1) Fantasy 24206 USA 1972 m-/m 500kr Rare, one lp with unissued tracks. Price for 2lp's. 
Hooker, John Lee Boogie Chillun (disc 2) Fantasy 24206 USA 1972 m-/m NB! Rare, one lp with unissued tracks. Price for 2lp's.  fvb083

fvb084  Hooker, John Lee In Person Joy 152 UK 1963 vg+/vg+ 150kr Possibly late 60's pressing.  fvb084

fvb085  Hooker, John Lee Star Collection Midi 20042 D 1972 m-/vg+ 120kr Fine selection of earlier tracks.  fvb085

fvb086  Hooker, John Lee The Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker Joy 133 UK 1968 m-/vg+ 200kr 1. press.  fvb086

fvb087  Hopkins, Lightnin' Early In The Morning TobaccoRoad B 2666 D na m/m 120kr Fine reissue of famous 60's lp on budget label. Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'. 

fvb088  Hopkins, Lightnin' Get Off My Toe TobaccoRoad B 2627 D na m/m 60kr Unusual newer livetracks on budget label. Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'.  fvb088

fvb089  Hopkins, Lightnin' History Of Jazz - The Blues Joker SM 3071 I 1971 m/m 80kr Rare tracks. Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'.  fvb089

fvb090  Hopkins, Lightnin' Live At The Bird Lounge TobaccoRoad B 2638 D na m/m 50kr Livetracks on budget label. No other infos. Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'.  fvb090

fvb091  Hopkins, Lightnin' The King Of The Blues Pickwick SPC 3013 USA na vg/vg 150kr Probably original early 60's pressing. Scratched but ok. Hopkins, Sam Lightnin'.  fvb091

fvb092  Horton, 'Big' Walter With Carey Bell Alligator 4702 USA na vg+/m- 100kr Re of 1972 lp.  fvb092

fvb093  Horton, Shakey The Soul Of Blues Harmonica Chess PAR 230 NL 1964 m-/vg+ 200kr Original master, probably Open cover. 

  fvb094  Hurt, Mississippi John Worried Blues Piedmont PLP 13163 USA na vg/m- 250kr Cotitled: Mississippi John Hurt, 1964. Volume II Of The Original Piedmont Recordings. Probably late 60's press.  fvb094  

fvb095  James Cotton Band 100% Cotton Buddah BDS 5620 USA 1974 vg+/vg+ 250kr Unusual.  fvb095

fvb096  James Cotton Blues Band Cotton In Your Ears Verve/Forecast FTS 3060 USA 1968 m/m 400kr Rare!  fvb096

fvb097  James Cotton Blues Band Cut You Loose! Vanguard VSD 79283 USA 1968 m-/m- 300kr Gold label, rare. 

fvb098  James Cotton Blues Band Dealing With The Devil Quicksilver QS 5006 USA na m/m 200kr Previously unissued mid 60's tracks.  fvb098

NB!! - fvb099-fvb100 will be sold as set of 2lp's only - NB!!
fvb099  James Cotton Blues Band Live & On The Move Vol.1 Buddah BRP 2028 I 1982 m/m 100kr Re of 1977 lp's.  fvb099
fvb100  James Cotton Blues Band Live & On The Move Vol.2 Buddah BRP 2029 I 1982 m/m 100kr Re of 1977 lp's. 
NB!! - fvb099-fvb100 will be sold as set of 2lp's only - NB!!

fvb101 is for some weird reason not existing, so I don't have'll have to buy it somewhere else ;-)  fvb101

fvb102  James Cotton Blues Band Pure Cotton Verve/Forecast FVS 9512 D 1968 m/m 350kr by Deutsche Grammophon.  fvb102

fvb103  James Cotton Blues Band The James Cotton Blues Band Verve/Folkways FVS 9507 D 1967 m/m 350kr by Deutsche Grammophon.  fvb103

fvb104  James Cotton Blues Band Two Sides Of The Blues Quicksilver QS 5011 USA na m/m 200kr Previously unissued mid 60's tracks.  fvb104

fvb105  James, Elmore The Collection - 20 Blues Greats DejaVu DVLP 2035 I 1985 m/m 100kr Classic compilation.  fvb105

fvb106  Jensen, Troels I'm Your Boogie Woogie Man Olufsen DOC 5117 DK 1990 m/m 100kr Danish bluesmusician. 

fvb107  Johnson, Lonnie Portraits In Blues Vol.6 Storyville SLP 162 UK 1963 vg+/vg+ 250kr Recorded in Copenhagen, Oct.16, 1963. With Otis Spann.  fvb107

fvb108  Katzenjammer Kids C Beep'm All Olufsen DOC 5023 DK 1986 m/m 150kr Danish band. 

fvb109  Kelly, Jo-Ann Jo-Ann Kelly Epic BN 26491 USA 1969 vg+/vg+ 500kr Very, very rare lp. 

S fvb110  Kenn Lending Blues Band I'm Coming Home HotSociety HSLP 1006 S 1983 m/m 120kr Danish band.  fvb110

fvb111  King, Albert I'll Play The Blues For You Stax 2325 089 UK 1972 vg+/m- 200kr  fvb111

fvb112  King, Albert King Does The King's Things Stax STS 2015 USA 1968 m/m 250kr - NB!! Lyrics by Elvis Presley.  fvb112

fvb113  King, Albert New Orleans Heat Ariola 200 307 P 1978 m-/m 100kr Excellent Portuguese  fvb113

fvb114  King, Albert Truckload Of Lovin' Utopia/RCA BUL 1-1387 USA 1976 vg+/vg+ 150kr. 

fvb115  King, B.B. B.B.King Volume 1 NewWorld NW 6004 UK 1972 m/m- 100kr Early recordings.  fvb115

fvb116  King, B.B. Midnight Believer ABC AA-1061 USA 1978 m-/m 250kr DJ copy, white sleeve (with my decor!). This combination of lp title and # was never released.  fvb116

fvb117  King, B.B. Take Me Home MCA 3151 USA 1979 -/m 300kr White label testpress.  fvb117

fvb118  King, B.B. The Newport Live Concert TobaccoRoad B 2635 D na m/m 80kr Probably late 60's show with Muddy Waters and Big Mama Thornton.  fvb118

fvb119  King, Freddie Burglar Polydor 831815 USA na m/m- 100kr Re of 1974 lp with Brian Auger,Clapton a.o.  fvb119

fvb120  King, Freddie The Best Of Freddie King Shelter SR 2140 USA 1975 co/m- 150kr. 

  fvb121  Kinsey, Big Daddy And Sons Can't Let Go BlindPig BP 3489 USA na co/m 120kr Issued app. 1989.  fvb121  

fvb122  Korner, Alexis Alexis Korner And Cyril Davies KrazyKat KK 789 UK 1984 m/m 200kr Dated 50's recordings. Subtitled: Alexis 1957.  fvb122

fvb123  Krølle Erik's Blues Band Crossroads Sam 2 DK? 1984 m-/m- 100kr Danish band.  fvb123

fvb124  Krølle Erik's Blues Band Live I Vognporten Xenia XENLP 9 DK 1982 vg+/m- 100kr Danish band. 

fvb125  Lay, Sam Sam Lay In Bluesland BlueThumb BTS 14 USA 1968 co/m 250kr.  fvb125

fvb126  Leadbelly The Bourgeois Blues TobaccoRoad B 2628 D na m/m 80kr Fine selection on budget label. Ledbetter, Huddie.  fvb126

fvb127  Lewis, Furry Live At the Gaslight At The Au Go-Go Ampex A-10140 USA 1972 vg+/m- 200kr. 

fvb128  Lightnin' Slim London Gumbo Excello EX 8023/SO-1 USA 1975 m-/m 200kr USA issue of 1972 BlueHorizon UK lp. Hicks, Otis.  fvb128

fvb129  Little Milton Chess Blues Masters (disc 1) Chess 6641 540 UK na m/m 250kr Price for set of 2lp's. Rare, well selected titles. 
Little Milton Chess Blues Masters (disc 2) Chess 6641 540 UK na m/m NB! Price for set of 2lp's. Rare, well selected titles.  fvb129

fvb130  Little Milton Grits Ain't Groceries Chess 275 023 D 1969 m/m 350kr Very rare by Deutsche Grammophon.  fvb130

fvb131  Little Sonny New King Of The Blues Harmonica Stax 2325 012 D 1969 m-/m 300kr Very rare by Deutsche Grammophon.  fvb131

fvb132  Little Walter Confessin' The Blues Chess BRP 2025 I 1982 m/m 100kr Re of mid 70's lp with 1953-63 recordings. Jacobs, 'Little' Walter Marion. 

fvb133  Little Walter / Otis Rush Live At The Chicago Blues Festival Cleo 291283 NL na m/m 80kr Budget label. No further infos.  fvb133

fvb134  Little Walter And His Jukes Little Walter And His Jukes Python PLP-KM 20 UK na vg/m- 300kr Recorded in Chicago 1953-58. Very obscure and rare. 

fvb135  Lonesome Sundown Been Gone Too Long Sonet SNTF 832 UK 1980 100kr Produced 1977. Green, Cornelius. 

fvb136  Magic Sam Blues Band Black Magic Delmark DS-620 USA 1966 vg/vg+ 200kr Cover near vg+. Maghett, Sam.  fvb136

fvb137 Magic Sam Blues Band West Side Soul Delmark DS-615 USA 1966 vg+/vg 250kr Rare, plays near vg+. Maghett, Sam.  fvb137

fvb138  Mahal, Taj Oh So Good'n Blues Columbia C 32600 USA 1973 m/m 150kr St.Clair Fredericks, Henry.  fvb138

fvb139  Mahal, Taj The Natch'l Blues Columbia CS 9698 USA 1968 vg+/vg+ 200kr 360' label. St.Clair Fredericks, Henry.  fvb139

fvb140  McGhee, Brownie The Best Of Brownie McGhee Storyville SLP 217 DK 1971 m-/vg+ 300kr Rare danish recordings from 1971. 

fvb141  Memphis Slim Big City Girl TobaccoRoad B 2597 D na m/m 50kr Budget label, no infos. Chatmon, Peter.  fvb141

fvb142  Memphis Slim Old Times,New Times (disc 1) Barclay 920332 UK 1972 m/m 400kr Very rare album, with Roosevelt Sykes,Junior Wells a.o. Price for 2lp set. Chatmon, Peter
Memphis Slim Old Times,New Times (disc 2) Barclay 920333 UK 1972 m/m NB! Very rare album, with Roosevelt Sykes,Junior Wells a.o. Price for 2lp set. Chatmon, Peter.  fvb142

fvb143  Memphis Slim Rock Me Baby! BlackLion BL-155 USA na co/m 300kr Probably original. With Alexis Korner. Chatmon, Peter.  fvb143

fvb144  Memphis Slim Three, Two, One Boogie TobaccoRoad B 2600 D na m/m 50kr Budget label, no infos. Chatmon, Peter.  fvb144

fvb145  Moby Grape Live Grape Escape ESA1A USA 1978 vg+/m 350kr Reunion live session. 

fvb146  Morton, Jelly Roll Blue Blood Blues TobaccoRoad B 2664 D na m/m 50kr Budget label, no infos.  fvb146

fvb147  Musselwhite, Charles Blues Band Tennessee Woman Vanguard VSD 6528 USA 1969 m/m 350kr Very rare. First name is Charlie, but often misspelled. 

fvb148  Musselwhite, Charley Blues Band Stone Blues Vanguard VSD 79287 USA 1968 m-/m 300kr - In shrinkwrap, but coverback has trace of humidity...First name is Charlie, but often misspelled. 

fvb149  Musselwhite, Charlie Chicago Blue Stars - Coming Home BlueThumb BTS 9 USA 1969 m/m 350kr Very rare.  fvb149

fvb150  Musselwhite, Charlie The Dynatones Featuring Charlie Musselwhite RedLightnin' RL 044 UK 1982 m-/m 150kr Subtitled: Curtain Call.  fvb150

fvb151  Musselwhite, Charlie The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite KickingMule SNKF 146 UK 1978 m-/m 300kr Very rare.  fvb151

fvb152  Parker, Junior The ABC Collection ABC AC 300 10 USA 1976 co/m 120kr.  fvb152

fvb153  Perkins, Pinetop Chicago Boogie Blues Piano Man JSP 1107 UK 1986 vg+/vg+ 150kr Near mint. 

fvb154  Pryor, Snooky Homesick James & Snooky Pryor BigBear BRP 2002 I 1981 m/m 150kr Re of famous 1973 session.  fvb154

fvb155  Pryor, Snooky Shake Your Boogie BigBear BRP 2033 I 1982 m/vg+ 120kr Re of 1976 lp. Very slight warp, plays mint.  fvb155

fvb156  Pryor, Snooky Snooky Pryor & Moody Jones Flyright FLY 565 UK 1980 m/m 150kr Incl.previously unissued 50's tracks.  fvb156

fvb157  Rainey, Gertrude 'Ma' Queen Of The Blues 1923-1924 Biograph 6370 903 ? na m-/m 120kr Transferred from Paramount 78rpm shellacs.  fvb157

fvb158  Reed, Buddy And The Rip-it-ups Tough Enough RedLightnin' RL 0085 UK 1990 m/m 80kr  fvb158

fvb159  Reed, Jimmy The Ultimate Jimmy Reed Bluesway BLS 6067 USA 1973 co/m- 150kr 50's VeeJay recordings. 

Ross, Doc Dr.Ross The Harmonica Boss BigBear BRP 2013 I 1981 m/m 80kr Re of 1972 lp. Isaiah, Charlesfvb160  

fvb161  Second Hand Blues Band Second Hand Blues Band Olufsen DOC 5046 DK 1986 m/m 100kr Danish band.  fvb161

fvb162  Siegel-Schwall Band Siegel-Schwall '70 Vanguard VSD 6562 USA 1970 vg/m- 200kr.  fvb162

fvb163  Smith, Byther Tell Me How You Like It RedLightnin' RL 0061 UK 1983 vg+/m 80kr. 

fvb164  Smith, Robert Curtis Clarksdale Blues Bluesville BV 1064 USA 1962 vg/vg 300kr Scratches & tiny bump - but plays near vg+.  fvb164

fvb165  Smokestack Lightnin' Off The Wall Bell SBLL 116 UK 1969 vg+/vg+ 200kr  fvb165

fvb166  Spann, Lucille Cry Before I Go ABC/Bluesway BLS 6070 USA 1974 co/m- 200kr Plays near mint. 

fvb167  Spann, Otis Cracked Spanner Head Decca TAB 58 UK 1982 vg+/m 120kr Re of 1969 lp.  fvb167

fvb168  Steve Miller Band Living In The 20th Century Capitol 240 649 NL 1986 m/m 100kr  fvb168

fvb169  Sumlin, Hubert Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party Demon FIEND 94 UK 1987 m/m- 100kr Probably  fvb169

fvb170  Sunnyland Slim Portraits In Blues Vol.8 Storyville SLP 169 UK 1964 vg+/m- 300kr Probably original. Luandrew, Albert.  fvb170

fvb171  Taylor, Little Johnny I Shoulda Been A Preacher RedLightnin' RL 0030 UK 1980 vg/m- 100kr 60's tracks from Galaxy period. Taylor, Johnny Lamar. 

fvb172  Terry, Sonny Archive Of Folk Music Everest FS-206 USA na m/m- 200kr Early 50's takes from Archives. Simulated stereo.  fvb172

fvb173  Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee A Long Way from Home Bluesway BLS-6028 USA 1969 vg/vg+ 250kr Rare, super Chicagostyle session. 

fvb174  Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee At Sugar Hill - Live Recording In San Francisco America 30 AM 6070 F na vg+/vg+ 100kr Re of 1961 Fantasy lp, probably pressed early 70's. 

fvb175  Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Blues All Around My Head Prestige/Bluesville 1020 USA 1962 vg/vg- 100kr Near vg.  fvb175

fvb176  Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Comin' From the fields TobaccoRoad B 2637 D na m/m 100kr Re of famous 1965 lp. With Lightnin' Hopkins.  fvb176

Thielemans, Toots Toots & Svend Sonet SLP 2538 S 1973 m-/m- 300kr With Toots Thielemans & Svend Asmussenfvb177

Thielemans, Toots Toots Command/ABC RS 930 SD USA 1972 co/m 300kr Very rare!  fvb178

Trouble Cats Risky Business Olufsen DOC 5107 DK 1990 m/m 120kr Danish bandfvb179

Turner, Ike & Tina Get It-Get It! Pickwick SPC-3328 USA na co/m 150kr Re of early Capitol lp. Choice blues titles. Probably mid 70's pressfvb180  

Turner, Ike & Tina Ike & Tina Turner Valentine SU 1035 I 1980 m/m- 80kr Tiny warp. Nice pictures and book in Italianfvb181

Turner, Ike & Tina Outta Season BlueThumb BTS 5 USA 1968 vg/vg 200kr Rare but wear. Fold-out cover. Choice blues titlesfvb182

Turner, Ike & Tina Rock Me Baby Astan 20015 ? 1984 none/m 120kr Very nice picturediscfvb183

Turner, Ike & Tina Sweet Rhode Island Red UnitedArtists UA-LA312-G DK 1974 vg+/m- 100kr 1.pressfvb184

Turner, Ike & Tina The Best Of Ike & Tina Turner BlueThumb BTS 49 USA 1973 m/m 200kr Compilation of choice blues titlesfvb185

fvb186  Various Artists Blues From Big Bill's Copa Cabana Chess LPS 1533 USA 1969 m-/m- 350kr Rare lp, recorded 1963 with Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, SBW 2,  Howlin' Wolf. 

fvb187  Various Artists Blues Live In Baton Rouge - At The Speak-Easy Excello EX 8021 USA 1975 m-/m- 250kr With Silas Hogan, Guitar Kelly, Whispering Smith and Clarence Edwards. Very unusual lp.  fvb187

fvb188  Various Artists California Blues - Archive Series Volume Three Kent KST 9003 USA na vg+/m- 200kr With Johnny Fuller, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson a.o.  fvb188

fvb189  Various Artists Living Chicago Blues Vol.3 Alligator AL 7703 USA 1978 co/m 200kr With Lonnie Brooks, Pinetop Perkins and Sons Of Blues. Tiny scratch s.2/3.  fvb189

fvb190  Various Artists Meat & Gravy From Cadillac Baby Volume 1 RedLightnin' RL 0019 UK 1974 m-/m- 150kr Rare Bea & Baby recordings.  fvb190

fvb191  Various Artists Meat & Gravy From Cadillac Baby Volume 2 RedLightnin' RL 0020 UK 1974 m/m 150kr Rare Bea & Baby recordings. 

fvb192  Various Artists Meat & Gravy From Cadillac Baby Volume 3 RedLightnin' RL 0021 UK 1974 m/m 150kr Rare Bea & Baby recordings.  fvb192

fvb193  Various Artists Meat & Gravy From Cadillac Baby Volume 2 (Misl.) RedLightnin' RL 0020 (NB!) UK 1974 m/m 500kr NB! MISPRESSED. Completely different lp than listed. Matrice is # RL 002. 

fvb194  Various Artists Mississippi Delta Blues Vol.2 Arhoolie ST 1042 USA 1968 vg+/m 250kr Probably original. Side 1: R.L.Burnside. Side 2: Joe Calicott. 

fvb195  Various Artists The World Of Blues Power Vol.2 Decca SPA 63 UK 1970 co/m 200kr Rare cuts with USA and UK artists.  fvb195

fvb196  Various Artists What Is The Thing Called Blues? TobaccoRoad B 2537 D na m/m 50kr Classic bluesartists on budget label.  fvb196

fvb197  Waters, Muddy After The Rain Cadet LPS-320 USA 1969 vg+/vg+ 350kr Plays near M-. Rare.  fvb197

fvb198  Waters, Muddy Electric Mud CadetConcept LPS 314 USA 1968 vg+/m 300kr White lettering on black, fold-out cover. No insert but early pressing.  fvb198

fvb199  Waters, Muddy Fathers And Sons (disc 1) Chess 427 015 F na m/m 200kr 80's reissue of 1969 double lp. Price for 2lp set. 
Waters, Muddy Fathers And Sons (disc 2) Chess 427 015 F na m/m NB! 80's reissue of 1969 double lp. Price for 2lp set.  fvb199

fvb200  Waters, Muddy Good News Vol.3 SyndicateChapter SC 002 UK 1971 m/m 120kr Fine infos. Monaural 50's cuts with Walter Horton a.m.o.  fvb200

fvb201  Waters, Muddy I Feel So Good TobaccoRoad B 2632 D na m/m 60kr Fine selection on budget label. 

  fvb202  Waters, Muddy I'm Ready BlueSky SKY 82235 NL 1978 m/m 120kr With Johnny Winter a.o. Possibly later press.  fvb202  

fvb203  Waters, Muddy Muddy Mississippi Waters Live BlueSky PZ 65712 USA 1979 m/m 150kr With Johnny Winter a.o.  fvb203

fvb204  Waters, Muddy One More Mile TobaccoRoad B 2633 D na m/m 60kr Older selection on budget label.  fvb204

fvb205  Waters, Muddy The Real Folk Blues Chess LP 106 SF 1986 m/m 100kr Re of 1966 lp. 

fvb206  Wells, Junior Blues Hit Big Town Delmark DL 640 USA 1977 m-/m- 250kr Rare previously unissued 50's recordings. Fine infos. Old tracks with many giant bluesnames.  fvb206

fvb207  Wells, Junior Coming At You Vanguard VSD 79262 USA 1968 vg/vg 200kr Scratches but near Vg+.  fvb207

fvb208  Wells, Junior Drinkin' TNT 'N' Smoking Dynamite RedLightnin' RL 0034 UK 1981 none/vg 20kr French recordings with Bill Wyman, Dallas Taylor a.o. Cover missing. 

fvb209  Wells, Junior In My Younger Days RedLightnin' R.L.007 UK 1971 vg+/vg+ 200kr 1957-62 recordings. Fine infos. Rare old labeltype. (See lp titled 'Universal Rock').  fvb209

fvb210  Wells, Junior Live At The Golden Bear BlueRock SRB-64003 USA 1968 co/vg+ 350kr Very rare.  fvb210

fvb211  Wells, Junior Southside Blues Jam Delmark 900 204 F 1970 m/m 200kr Rare.  fvb211

fvb212  Wells, Junior Universal Rock Flyright FLY 588 UK 1981 m/m 120kr 1957-63 recordings. Fine infos. (See lp titled 'In My Younger Days').  fvb212

fvb213  Wells, Junior You're Tuff Enough Mercury 20130 SMCL UK 1968 m/m 300kr Very rare. 

fvb214  White, Bukka Memphis Hot Shots BlueHorizon S 7-63229 NL 1968 m-/vg+ 200kr Rare dutch  fvb214

fvb215  White, Bukka Sky Songs Vol.2 Arhoolie F 1020 USA 1975 vg+/m 150kr Gospel/religious titles. Recorded 1963 . 

fvb216  Williams, Big Joe Crawlin' King Snake RCA INT 1087 UK 1970 vg+/vg+ 150kr 30's and 40's monaural recordings. Scratch/clicks 2/8, anyway near M-/M-. Williams, Big Joe Lee. 

fvb217  Williams, Big Joe Portraits In Blues Vol.7 Storyville SLP 163 DK 1963 vg/vg+ 300kr Recorded Oct.16, 1963 in Copenhagen. Williams, Big Joe Lee.  fvb217

S fvb218  Williamson, John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Jazz Classics No.17 RCA/Victor 130 238 F na vg/vg- 200kr Rare 10" lp, 50's pressing. Scratched but playing through, near Vg. Sonny Boy Williamson # 1.  fvb218

fvb219  Williamson, Sonny Boy First Rhythm And Blues Festival BYG 529 905 F na vg+/vg 150kr Rare cuts, many unissued. With Yardbirds a.m.o. Early 70's pressing? Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb219

fvb220  Sonny Boy Williamson Sonny Boy In Memorium Chess CRL 4510 UK 1965 vg/vg 250kr 50's Checker/Chess cuts. Plays near vg+ due to high quality pressing. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb220

fvb221  Williamson, Sonny Boy King Biscuit Time Arhoolie A 2020 USA 1976 m/m 200kr Trumpet cuts from 1951. Possibly later pressing. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2. 

  fvb222  Williamson, Sonny Boy Portraits In Blues Vol.4 Storyville SLP 158 UK 1962 vg+/vg 250kr Different cover, same tracks as 671 158. Some wear to vinyl. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb222  

fvb223  Williamson, Sonny Boy Portraits In Blues Vol.4 Storyville 671 158 D 1962 vg+/vg+ 200kr Different cover, same tracks as SLP 158. Probably mid 60's pressing. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb223

fvb224  Williamson, Sonny Boy Rock Generation Vol.10 BYG 529 710 F na vg+/m- 150kr SBW II's last recordings 1964. Side 1: Julie Driscoll in 1964 and 1967. Probably early 70's pressing. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb224

fvb225  Williamson, Sonny Boy Rock Generation Vol.9 BYG 529 709 F na vg+/vg+ 150kr Recorded 1962. Rare cuts.With Jimmy Page,Brian Auger a.m.o. Side 2: Brian Auger 1967. Probably early 70's pressing. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2. 

fvb226  Williamson, Sonny Boy Sonny Boy Williamson (disc 1) Chess/Vogue 427 004 F 1976 m/m 250kr 1955-63 cuts,many unissued. Price for 2lp set. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2
Williamson, Sonny Boy Sonny Boy Williamson (disc 2) Chess/Vogue 427 004 F 1976 m/m NB! 1955-63 cuts,many unissued. Price for 2lp set. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb226

fvb227  NB! 78rpm shellac!  Williamson, Sonny Boy Stop Crying/Come Back Home Trumpet No.140 USA 1951 none/vg 600kr Rare 78rpm shellac. Aleck 'Rice' Miller, Sonny Boy Williamson # 2.  fvb227

fvb228  Winter, Johnny Nothin' But The Blues BlueSky PZ 34813 USA 1977 m/m 150kr With Muddy Waters, James Cotton a.m.o. 

fvb229  Winwood, Steve Steve Winwood & Friends Springboard SBB 4040 USA na vg+/m 200kr 60's recordings with many famous musicians.  fvb229

fvb230  Witherspoon, Jimmy Evenin' Blues Stateside SL 10088 UK 1964 vg+/m 200kr Monaural.  fvb230

fvb231  Witherspoon, Jimmy Hunh ! Bluesway BLS 6040 USA 1973 vg+/vg+ 250kr Recorded sept.15, 1969 in Los Angeles. Chicagostyle blues. With Earl Hooker a.o.  fvb231

fvb232  Witherspoon, Jimmy The Blues Is Now Verve 710007 D 1967 m/m 200kr by Deutsche Grammophon. With Brother Jack McDuff.  fvb232

fvb233  Wolf, Howlin' Big City Blues Ember EMB 3370 UK 1966 vg+/vg+ 150kr Old hits and rarities. Burnett, Chester. 

S fvb234  Wolf, Howlin' Poor Boy Chess CRL 4508 UK 1965 vg+/m- 300kr Excellent classic selection. Very good pressing.  fvb234

- And some additions...

fvb235  Holliday, Billie Greatest Hits Columbia CL 2666 - a monaural app. 1970's reissue of 1930-40's recordings m-/m- 80kr. 

fvb236  Waters, Muddy "Live" at Mr. Kelly's (SF 1972/1986 reissue) Chess 515 041 m/m 80kr. 

fvb237  Bergen Blues Band - same title - Harvest SC062-37410 (S 1981 green label) vg+/vg+.  fvb237

fvb238  .  fvb058


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