Weird, weird stuff...some is spooky, nasty and bad...if you get offended it's just too bad...
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fw content - Box #3

fw01 Alligator bones, for wizards and witches, 4.1gram. - dkr. 100 -  fw01

fw02 Alligator teeth, 9pcs. for wizards and witches, 15.5gram.
- dkr. 180 -    fw02 

fw03 Antique bookmark from Mayrhofen, Zillertal in Austria with a.o. 2 very rare and now forbidden to pick, 
genuine Edelweiss flowers. 17.5cm/6gram.
- dkr. 300 -    fw03 

fw04 Calendar in brass, good for 30 years (1995-2024), 5cm/7.5gram.
- dkr. 20 -    fw04 

fw05 (Withdrawn).  fw05 

fw06 ComAir coffee stirrer propeller in clear plastic by Stir-It USA. From early 1990's, 15cm (app. 6").
- dkr. 5 -    fw06 

fw07 Human Skull fragments, fully legal material from female that died in mid 1800's. Weighs 260gram.
- dkr. 1000 -    fw07 

fw08 Corset Tightener, indispensable for all modern women, antique with ivory handle. 17cm/23gram.
- dkr. 250 -    fw08 

fw09 'The Forbidden Spoon' from McDonalds. This spoon was shortlived, when it was revealed, that it was more often
used for snorting cocaine, than to stir a cup of coffee.
- dkr. 100 -    fw09

fw10 Mysterious device made from fine wood and ivory...I never figured this one out. The wooden part is 9cm and it all
weighs 35gram.
- dkr. 100 -   fw10

fw11 Pins from a Cave Porcupine...if you don't like mine, buy them from someone else (-;
- dkr. 50 -   fw11 

fw12 Rattlesnake Bones from 2 different snakes. 100% authentic! 28gram.
- dkr. 200 -    fw12 

fw13 'Sockegg - Stoppeg' - Used in old times for holding a knitted sock in position, whilst mending it. It is antique,
around 1880's, and it's elaborately crafted from wood. 11.5cm/31gram.
- dkr. 300 -  fw13 

fw14 A tape in a brass yo-yo with dial handle. The tape is made from fiberglass, and will give you the weight of a pig,
a calf, a cow or a horse by using this measuring tape as instructed on the tape. Nobody can live without a tool of
this kind! Know the weight and value of your livestock...produced after 1948 - it weighs 70gram.
- dkr. 100 -  fw14

fw15 A fine selection of various bones and a cowhorn. 110gram.
- dkr. 100 -  fw15 


You can send me an e-mail: job(@) - Please remove the antispam brackets (@)...Thanks!