My Mother - 'She knew me since I was small...'

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Ellen - app. 1945 - before I knew my Mother...  :-)


Well, here we go...on the first pic it's my the middle, held by Ingeborg and on mom's baptism in 1925...
Second pic...Yes, you guessed right! - it's my mom....on the day she was baptized in 1925

My mother in the 1940's...
She's probably part of the reason
for me looking as tremendous as I do ;-)

My mother left of me and Varvara Heyd Hasselbalch right of me...
We're 'lunching' at 'ThePaul' in Tivoli Gardens, September 4. - 2004


I was sent back home this day...after 
bringing Ellen to where she celebrated 
her 87th. birthday...only women invited...


My Mother's Flat

My Mother's Cat

Some Family photos HERE!