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Bluesmusic with an Attitude....Contact by email for booking...

E-mail: job(@)bluescurrent.dk - please remove the (@) brackets

We are 5 experienced musicians playing bluesmusic for those who love to Listen, those who love to Dance, and any person appreciating Life, Love, and well performed  B L U E S M U S I C...

We often invite guestplayers, but our backbone personnel is:

'Niller' on Slide and Guitar
'Busser' on Guitar
'Charlie' on Bass Guitar and Vocals
'Michael' on Drums and Vocals
'Jolle' on Vocals and Harmonica

I expect to have some samples of our music ready for this page, relatively soon...wowww...they are HERE now!

NB! - Please note, that due to health issues, sadly the band is discontinued - NB!

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